Paris Pictures part ii: snakes & elephants, a morning at the Flea market.

9 thoughts on “Paris Pictures part ii: snakes & elephants, a morning at the Flea market.”

  1. Took me back a bit. We used to go to Clignancourt occasionally when we lived in Paris in the 90s, but more often went to Montreuil which was cheaper, less stylish and didn’t get the coach loads of German tourists wanting to touch everything. You had to be on the alert for the police though as many of the vendors didn’t have licences and had to scarper as soon as the boys in blue appeared.

    1. Hi Jane, great to hear from you. Yes, i knew you’d know this place well. I’m a relative novice of course. But I really like the sound of your other flea market, sounds like it might be a better place for bargain-hunting, Less tourists can only be good for that of course. ‘think I’ve heard of it, we have a few Paris -based friends and Montreuil sounds familiar, but I’ve not visited. Now you’ve reminded me, I’m definitely going to go on my next visit to Paris. This whole trip reignited my love for that great city. Can’t wait to get back.

      1. It could have all changed now. Paris has become so gentrified. The periphery though will be the last place to go up in the world so there should be still bargains to be found :)

  2. I love your photographs, Arran! Especially the flying paper lanterns and Elephants shots. Did you find any treasures? It is a pricey Flea Market. I agree. It’s difficult to find a bargain. Though, once I scored a 1960s red mod bag for just five euros. I usually go for the people-watching and window-shopping. The photogenic Paul Bert market had a cameo in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris flick. Photo-ops abound! I’m now off to check-out your other Paris field report.~Theadora (Enjoy the weekend!)

    1. hey Theadora, great to hear from you. Yes, i love the market, but of course you’re right, one is unlikely to find a hidden gem, the dealers are all far too sharp and canny, and besides, one pays a premium just for being in Paris. But France as a whole is stuffed with lovely old things, so (bargain-wise) I’d love to drive around regional France some day, with a van, and visit small town markets, I’m sure it’s a very different story.
      Thanks for the nice words, am delighted you enjoyed. I loved my recent trip, can’t wait to get back soon.
      Have a great weekend. -Arran.

      1. Hi Arran! For deals in Paris, I always trek it to Porte de Vanves. The collection is affordable. I’ve never walked away without purchasing at least one treasure! The dealers are characters. Sweet and accessible. Witty, too. Also, the summertime brocantes in Provence are also fabulous hunting grounds. And YES. it’s possible to village-hop under the blue sky. Add it to your to-do list. Enjoy the week! T.

    2. Oh, and also just saw, and really liked your own piece, on that other flea market, (Porte de Vanves?) Some savvy tips there, from a seasoned insider. Have put a link to it now, in my post above. All the best- A.

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