A walk around Dublin’s Medieval Walls.

at 2.25pm, Thursday afternoon,  11th Oct. 2018. 

Medieval Walls Walk Dublin Decoded image 2

Our Medieval Walls walk is a complete circuit and exploration of the medieval walls of Dublin, both in a physical sense, and as an exploration of the walls in the imagination; through conversation, story and historic detail.

Once a palisade of wooden stakes erected from 841 by Dublin’s Viking founders, later rebuilt as thick stone walls by the Anglo-Norman conquerors, the city’s walls delineated and defined the urban entity for generations of medieval Dubliners.  Citizens of the city felt their reassuring presence, as the walls limited, protected and defined a sense of place for centuries.

Our walk commences from Cork Hill, 2.25pm, Thurs 11th Oct.    (There is map is at the foot of the ticket page, see link)

This is our only currently scheduled public tour at present.

We will complete a circuit of Dublin’s Medieval walls, along the way discussing gates, towers & all as well as the history of Dublin during the life of the walls, the medieval period, c 1171 to around 1685) including invasion, plague, fire and revolution.

Walk duration:  2 hrs, 40′   so please wear weather appropriate gear, and stout shoes!

Please check your availability too, before you purchase as refunds are always tricky and will incur a deduction.  No refunds after 21 days prior to tour.   In some circumstances when guests cancel and give us sufficient notice, we may issue a tour voucher or tour credit for another/ replacement tour.

Tickets & all information for the Medieval Walls walk,  including a map showing your Meet Point, is all available via our EventBrite page here.

We look forward to seeing some of you there!

map / image details:  the images above and below are two details from the same map, showing of the lines of the medieval walls. It was first published (I believe) in the Dublin Builder during the 1880s and was based on the work of Sir John Thomas Gilbert, and later reprinted in his book “Streets of Dublin” .     We will have print-outs of, and will make extensive use of this map during the day of our tour.


Medieval Walls Walk Dublin Decoded


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