Health Warning

 Just a quick health warning.  

It will not have escaped regular readers that these are not normal blog-style, bite-sized posts.

They are more like little short stories, typically 6-9 pages in length (were each to be printed out as a Word doc.)     

It is strongly recommended therefore that even those who enjoy sample them one at a time.    I see each post as a one-day or one-a week treat, when you are relaxed and have 40 minutes to spare.  

Please also note that the most recent posts appear at the top.  In other words, if you wish to read them in chronological order, you should go back, or down, a few posts.   If you hit the top title you will always be reading the most recent post.  

I had hoped to upload some pictures, (I have taken a lot and BA is very beautiful)  

But either I’m doing somethinmg wrong, or the file sizes are too large or the site is not good for pictures.   In addition, broadband here in BA is slow.   For the time being I have abandoned idea of pictures.   I shall try and paint the city with words.  


2 thoughts on “Health Warning

  1. Hi Arran
    Enjoying your blog. Keep it coming. You have inspired me to keep an off-line blog for Maud – first conscious shake of her rattle as opposed to random batting – first time wearing a dress as opposed to her baby grow and other developmental milestones. You will think her much grown by the time you get home.


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