Dublin Decoded tours: art, architecture & history

Dublin Decoded is the walking tour arm of our endevour, historical and art historical walking tours of Dublin: Art offering historical context & insight in to both our capitals architecture & its rich and complex history.   We have nine of these tours, each unique which focus variously on everything from the Medieval city with its mighty walls and crowded streetscape; through 5 different tours of Georgian and Victorian Dublin; to the politics, violence and struggle of the Revolutionary Era, 1913 to 1922.

Tours are led primarily by our chief guide Arran Henderson who has designed and led history, art & architecture tours of Dublin on behalf of some of Ireland’s leading cultural agencies and institutions, including for the Irish Georgian Society; for Culture Night; the Irish Architectural Foundation and Open House Dublin; for Dublin Libraries; Dublin Festival of History; and even for Failte Ireland, the state’s own tourism agency.


Walking tours run independently by Arran himself (rather than by him on behalf for any of the organizations above)  are branded under his own banner “Dublin Decoded” and are run off this website. These tours are advertised here and through our free monthly newsletter (see above).   There are currently 9 tours in total, including 4 Georgian walks, as well as Medieval; Victorian, modern and fine art themes. Dublin Decoded tours are 5* rated on TripAdvisor and are the subject of over 120 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

Brocas 4 Courts & Liffey

Samuel Brocus View of College Green

Please note there are 3 different types of tour available.  1-  People who wish to join a public Dublin Decoded tour should read the next two paragraphs,

2- those wishing to pre-book their own (private) group tour should read the paragraph under that.

Finally, 3-  art or history teachers and lecturers planning a educational tour for students should read the paragraph at the end of this page.

1- Public Dublin Decoded tours:  there are 2-5 public, scheduled tours each month; 1 or 2 each week; from April-October.  These are  open tours, advertised on our website, to which everyone is very welcome.  You’ll find the full list or “menu” of walks on the Dublin Decoded website, (see link below) as well as listings and dates, when a tour is going ahead.  If our tours sound like “your sort of thing” and if you live in Dublin, then the best way not to miss a tour is to join the monthly newsletter.  Here we publish the dates, treats and details of each month’s scheduled tours.


Fees for all public, scheduled tours are €20 p/person, with €10 concessions for job-seekers or students with valid card.


2- Book a private tour, for your own group:  Our other type of tour, recommended for families, for school and college groups, groups of friends (such as book clubs) and as excursions and team- builders for company and corporate groups, is to simply book your own private tour.  The best way to do this is to first look at the menu of 8 tours on the Dublin Decoded website; and ignore the dates there, but decide which tour you’d like to do with your group, then write us a short email with the name of the tour you wish to do and your preferred date in the subject header line please.

Please include any other information you wish within the email, notably size of group, or average age, main language, and/or alternative or flexible dates if you wish. Please mention if any mobility issues and if you wish, any special interest you may have. (architecture, fine art, medieval history?)   We’ll get back to you, often within 48 hours, suggesting the best possible tour for your group.


Tour fees for privately booked group tours.  For private pre-booked group tours, price is €100 for the first 1-4 people payable in advance, then €15 per people thereafter (with the second tranche payable at the start of tour).   Private tours are thus equally or more economical for any group over 5 people, and with the obvious  advantage you select your own favourite tour on the date that suits you.

The monthly newsletter mentioned above often features special “one-off” tour walks and also visits to special sites not advertised on our website menu. These might give you additional inspiration for your tour.

QUIZ 20 ART  Dublin DEcoded Picture Quiz 18

Tours as entertaining and as entertainment.   We find more and more clients book tours for excursions with friends as an alternative to the cinema or theatre, (or as a far more sociable precursor to dinner).   As a warm, indoor, available year- round evening tour, the How to Read a Painting tour (Thursday evenings by request, National Gallery 0f Ireland)  is particularly popular in this regard.





Educational group tours and worksheets:  Georgian architecture comes up every year on the leaving Cert syllabus. Give your students an edge.

There’s a special rate for educational groups composed of secondary students in groups of over 12.   €7.50 per student (under half the standard rate)   Please note, all educational groups aged under 18 must be accompanied by a teacher or group leader.  (Two teachers or group leaders for students under 15 years old) and fees must be collected by the group leader before meeting for the start of tour.

Leaving certificate History and Art History teachers may be interested that the Dublin Decoded Georgian architecture tour includes a free worksheet refresher quiz, given to the teacher at the end of each tour, for follow- up work and revision in the class room.


The Dublin Decoded tour menu is here.  We are a tiny, high-quality company, so if enquiring about a pre-booked tour, please remember to put the name of   your preferred tour title, and your preferred date in your email subject header line please. We look forward to welcoming you on tour.


Tour gift vouchers are also available to buy in demonstrations of €40 or €100. Vouchers for our medieval walk and the How to Read a Painting Tour in particular are both popular gifts.



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