cartography, Image & iconography from the City of Lights. Paris by map & era.

7 thoughts on “cartography, Image & iconography from the City of Lights. Paris by map & era.”

  1. I liked both the 15C map and the Paris-after-Haussmann aerial view. The first because it reminds me of other early historical maps of European cities, the second because of its simple 3D perspective (a style copied for several modern tourist plans eg Cambridge and Oxford).

    1. I agree, the simple 3-D types are excellent. One sort of gets the best of both worlds, the sense of mass and volume of a very good sketch or architectural drawing , with the clarity and navigation benefits of a map. Yes, indeed, I’ve seen them in Oxford and Cambridge as you say. They are often aimed at visitors, and seem to work especially well in towns and cities of medium size. (they would never work for all of London or Paris, only a section) But they do work in central Dublin. There’s a wonderful map here of old, walled Dublin I use on my medieval tour here, with a less virtuosos, simpler, yet still very effective 3-D style.

  2. Lovely post, Arran. I have a thing about maps too. Postcards seem to be going out of style now that you can send an instantaneous pic on your phone to whoever you want without having to queue up in the post office for a stamp. The map you were wondering about I’d say is very much pre-Haussman. The yellow overlay is where the main boulevards would be. Zola’s Paris already extends up the grands boulevards, pretty scabby housing, ripe for pulling down, but it was there nonetheless.

    1. Thank you Jane, that’s brilliant, and very interesting. I suspected, and rather hoped, you might be able to help me out with that particular puzzle! And so it proved. :) Thank you very much.

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