Dublin Decoded on the radio… how will we sound? (Gulp)


Yesterday I made my first appearance on radio, live from the gloomy majesty of old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral here in Dublin.  It was both a great privilege and, quite frankly, absolutely terrifying.

Hang on, does one even “appear” on radio?

Oh well, anyway.    I was in Saint Patrick’s as the guest contributor to the lovely DublinCity FM radio show called Dublin Explorer.   This is a history & walking show, hosted by the excellent, smart and ultra-genial Denis Goodbody.  The Dublin Explorer show goes out here each Friday evening, on Dublin City fm.

Naturally I was delighted to be able to contribute to such a great show, and to get the chance to discuss history, and in such a magnificent setting.  (Regular readers will know my fuzzy feelings for Saint Patrick’s Cathedral)

Of course, it was also a great chance to let people know about Dublin Decoded, and its new tours, both of Saint Patrick’s itself, a place we are fairly passionate about, especially the chances it provides to read history, directly through the amazing collections of artifacts there, from the early Christian era, to medieval to the bloody and bitter Williamite Wars.

I can’t remember for certain, but i think I even managed a sneaky mention of our other main headline tour:   the well-established, often even celebrated “How to Read a Painting Tour”    – which focuses in depth at the amazing art works in the National Gallery of Ireland 2 or 3 times each month.  Please have a look at the schedule on the site,  if you or anyone you know might be interested in the older, often forgotten art of how to read old pictures.

The Dublin Explorer show, with contributions from yours truly, show will early air early tomorrow evening,  I think is also available as a Pod-cast.  Come to think of it, I suppose the two day lag,  means i was not “coming live” from the cathedral.  Anyway, you know what i mean.  And it was still terrifying, mind you.   So there.

To be quite honest,  I felt I could barely get a word out straight.  The day seemed strewn with my rookie errors, as i burbled clumsily from one topic to the next, from a statue of a Marquis to a dusty old 17th century war memorial, in what seemed – to me at least- to be an incomprehensible babble.   I was, as we say here in Ireland, “scarlet”, and “morto”  (both with embarrassment, you understand)

It’s interesting, being out of your “comfort zone”.  I know a reasonable amount about, say, religious iconography in Italian renaissance art; or medievel or 17th century Irish history.   I’m pretty good at leading tours and discussions, explaining, illuminating siuch things, encouraging people to discuss and even helping them to see things or from new perspectives they otherwise might not.   Being on radio on the other hand, and not in control of “the mike” is quite a different matter.    I’m a rank amateur.

But it is early days.    I hope to get better.  I had better in fact.  Because there are more shows planned.  My first contribution will air tomorrow evening as you know, and the next one – from the National Gallery- will air on Friday the 21st of June.    if you listen to any of the shows, please drop a line,  and let us know what you thought.   Just remember to be kind.    Dublin DEcoded also does a whole range of funny, quirky tours for people able to book in advance, on everything from graffiti to classic early-modern architecture.    So please let your friends know.   And anyone who feels fit or able to share, or “like” or best of all post the link Dublin Decoded,   to any Facebook, Tumbrl, Twitter or  any other type of page will earnt our undying graititude.    There, I’ve said it.  Quite shameless, but needs must.  Thank you in advance.

I hope to post the part II of our trip on Duun Laoghaire’s great granite piers very soon.  Until that happy time, enjoy this amazing Dublin sun.  The warm glow outside my window makes a walk along the old grand canal inevitable.   And i must wheel my bike, along that canal towpath,  to the mechanics’ in Rathmines.    See you all soon again I hope.   My very best regards



12 thoughts on “Dublin Decoded on the radio… how will we sound? (Gulp)

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 Denis, (the presenter) could not have been kinder, more sympathetic host, but afraid i still felt like a bit of a muppet. Very different as i said to writing or teaching, lecturing or leading your own tour. Think it was good experience though. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


    1. Jane, that sort of teasing, is just reckless. I would say something like: – “you’ll give me a big head” – but as you know it was a relative shambles, so little fear of that. 🙂 It was great experience though, I’m much in debt to Denis. Strangely, already looking forward to doing it again.


    1. Ha, I’m not so sure about that…. my throat was dry, half the time and felt like I was on a complete shapeless ramble for the rest! But maybe you’re right, perhaps the listeners will take a kinder view. I tend to be very harsh on myself. Besides it’s impossible, and fairly pointless too, trying to second-guess what people will like. You are right of course, it was great experience to get, and of course great exposure for the whole Dublin Decoded idea too. Thanks for the positive vibes all along. Greatly appreciated.


  1. Were you able to get a recording of the radio show so you can hear how it went? I’ve done two radio interviews and I was a nervous wreck for both of them. When I listened to the broadcasts afterwards, I thought, “Ugh, I rambled, I talked too fast, my accent is really heavy,” etc etc etc. But everyone else seemed to be happy so I guess it was okay. I’m sure yours went swimmingly!


  2. I did thank you M.Weebles. Very kindly, Denis, the presenter /producer of the show, thoughtfully sent me an audio file, then as back-up, followed that up with a link to Sound Cloud, where he posts all of his Dublin Explorer shows. I know exactly what you mean about the nerves, radio is wracking of them (to them?) I had much the same reaction as you, possibly worse, my throat went dry, my voice sounded high and reedy, and there is no doubt whatsoever that I rambled and even babbled, no shape or structure on it at all, oh no. 😦 On the other hand, I bet you, however, sounded great. This is not idle praise. Because, did I not read a transcript of a interview with you? (You re-posted, from the host’s own site, a month or two back..?) Couldn’t hear the tone or timbre of you voice of course, but but in transcript the content was whip-smart, as always. I shall learn and get better, (i hope) And it is great exposure of course, very kind of Denis, who is a first-class guy. Many thanks for your support too MW, it rocks.


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