Moveable Feast, and Moving to Org.

This text is moving.   This feast is moving.  Hi to all my kind, loyal and highly-discerning readers and visitors.  Please note,  I’ll be posting more and more of my posts on the new Blog Dublin Decoded and I’d love to take you with me, so if or when you vist, please take a second to subscribe there too.  (see the the link to your left or the same link below)  There is a ice piece on the old Dublin Print Museum to get you in the mood,  and coming soon are more articles, a picture quiz of Dublin, and news of any special; workshops or tours we run this summer and through the year in Dublin.    We look forward to seeing you on the new blog.  -Arran.


I plan to lay a little trail of bread crumbs here for another month or so, to give everyone a chance,  but eventually I shall probably relocate entirely Dublin Decoded.   I hope that you’ll come too.  Please join me there, and don’t forget to subscribe.   Look forward to seeing you there.   Thanks a million. -Arran.

7 thoughts on “Moveable Feast, and Moving to Org.

  1. Hello Arran,
    I really would like to follow you on the new blog but could not find out how. I went to Dublin Decoded but please tell me: where is possibility to subscribe or to push a follow button? Sorry for asking for your help – seems I’m a bit blind … / -Michèle


    1. Hi Michéle, nio you are not blind, you are quite right. Even though I have down loaded a plug-in to allow readers to subscribe, no actual subscribe button appears! very annoying, and of course my sincere apologies. I am trying to fix the problem the last 2-3 hours, but to no avail and i now think I may need expert assistance. Hope to have it resolved by tomorrow evening. Please come back soon, and many thanks for alerting me to this error. Thanks again, and my very best regards- Arran.


  2. DEAR READERS, THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON IS NOT WORKING, OR NOT EVEN APPEARING ON THE OTHER BLOG. MY SINCERE APOLOGIES! I’m working to try and resolve this as soon as possible and hope (hope, hope!) .. to have it fixed by tomorrow evening. I’ll include a link again to the new site, the new Dublin DEcoded blog, on my next post here on this blog. Please come again then and try again with the new site. In the meanwhile, my apologies again, and many thanks for your patience! -Arran.


    1. Thanks a million Valerie, yes it’s a wonderful old place isn’t it? Really delighted you enjoyed the post on the other blog. Hope all is well with you, with poetry, art and life. Many thanks for visiting and, especially for commenting. -Arran.


    1. hey thanks JG, that is brilliant. I want to try and get that subscriber button installed over at the new Dublin Decoded site (blog) to make it much easier for everyone, but apparently the theme I’m using there – which I otherwise love- is “not widget aware” :(( Will have to dump that theme soon and use another one, perhaps. But before `i do, I’m trying to find someone who can stick a boit of code into the theme code for me, to make it “not widget aware”. Wish me luck! Many thanks for updating. I may actually publish a few posts on this old site too. My plan is to have the history & architecture on the other site, all the Dublin& Ireland stuff. And keep this one for lighter stuff, travel, social, humorous stuff & opinion etc.. But most of the content will be going to the other place. This one will become an ocasional hobby & luxury. many thanks again, really pleased you paid a visit to the other. Respects – Arran.


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