Valentine in Dublin…

Did you know the relics and bones of old St Valentine are right here in Dublin?   Did you know they reside in an old Friary that was closed in the Reformation, later torn down, but later returned: the only religious house in fact to return to its original home?  How did that happen?

But hang on, never mind the old Friary…  Saint Valentine wasn’t even Irish!  He was an old Roman, from the time of the empire, when the early Christians were persecuted by the nasty emperors.   So how did his relics end up in Dublin?

Oh yes, it’s story time…   Press here, to go to Dublin Decoded for the full low-down how St Valentine ended up in the White Friars Church.

Valentine 2 anddisciples oversees basilica, 14C French MS

6 thoughts on “Valentine in Dublin…

    1. ah ha, excellent question Roy. The answer is all horribly complicated. But I’ve just, this very minute, published a little follow-up post, that tries to make sense of that very issue. Many thanks for reading this one by the way! Arran


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