criminals in alleyways, graffiti, doorways & mysteries of Crampton Court

the third part of our little walking tour…

with Viking ships and Gothic churches now behind us (Posts 1 & 2)  we peruse Dublin’s graffiti and sticker culture, venture down alleyways, pass walled up doorways, and admire the glazed bricks & mysteries of Crampton Court.

You can find all the third part of the walk here here..

Or.. for those who’d like to start at the beginning, at the start of the first walk, this is the place to begin.

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2 thoughts on “criminals in alleyways, graffiti, doorways & mysteries of Crampton Court

  1. Arran I’m interested that you regard graffiti as a positive feature of Dublin, just as the excellent ‘Come Here To Me’ gang do. And that there is plenty of interest in places without necessarily going back to the year dot.


    1. Hi Roy, yes, I think some of the graffiti is very interesting, at its best its an art form of course. (The stuff I saw in couple years back in Buenos Aires is super, Have a look at this if you’ve time- )
      back here, I’m also interested in this sticker movement too, that seems to have taken hold here. They are everywhere, and usually very cryptic!
      Thanks for the comments, as always, hope all is well.


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