Easy sign up to mailing list & Dublin Art & buildings Picture Quiz!

Two quick but key items.  1- The Dublin Decoded mailing list. People on mail-out list receive our monthly newsletter where we reveal the details each month of our unique, sociable, historic and architectural city walks.  Joining to receive newsletter list is quick and easy, and the link to sign up is here.
Item 2:-  the deadline for answer-entries to the 2014 edition of Dublin Decoded Picture Quiz is now expired, at midnight 27th September 2014 and winners have now been notified via email.  But if you’d still like to try your hand to identfy  21 beautiful pictures of art, buildings & architectural details from Dublin, to guess at and identify.    Here’s a sample below from pictures in the quiz..  But no use answering here, head over to the quiz, the link is just below these sample pictures!


Quiz Pic 4 Dublin Decoded

QUIZ 20 Dublin DEcoded

quiz link here.  Good luck if you try your hand.  Please share the quiz link if you’d like.  If reading on a smartphone and can’t see share buttons?  scroll to top of post and click on Title of the post.  Share buttons will appear foot of post below.

Thanks for reading.    Arran    |  Dublin Decoded.

2 thoughts on “Easy sign up to mailing list & Dublin Art & buildings Picture Quiz!

    1. Thanks Freda! But yes, its true. No point in being coy about it, people who come on the tours do honestly seem to enjoy them a lot. A few, maybe 1 in 7 people, occasionally looks a little bit overwhelmed, but even that is only very fleeting! Like when they are being asked to identify a saint using clues we’ve given them for example, or speculate about some building detail, but only fleetingly, and afterwards even they report high interest and general happiness levels. (Do i sound like a robot, saying it like that!? 🙂 Anyway, its a nice feeling, obviously. Thanks very much also for sharing on Fb earlier. Obviously its a small, and new, firm, doing things a fairly new way (in what tends to be a fairly staid and traditional business) and so, for lots of reasons, we are trying to get the word out to as many different people before that first all-important mailing list goes out. So thank you, again. 🙂


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