Sculptures of Friends: Irish & Dublin Greats.

Portrait heads, in plaster, terracotta and bronze, of playwright Brian Friel, publican, patron and writer John Ryan,

IMG_6561 IMG_6562

IMG_6559 IMG_6558

writer Anthony Cronin, artist Charlie Cullen,

and, below, the actor and great Becket interrupter Barry McGovern.


Just some of the terrific works by artist and sculptor Tom Haran, now on show in the lovely Octagon Room, at the Irish Georgian Society, 58 South William Street.

Reception is from 6-9 this evening, all are welcome. So pop in, or else visit and see it over the next 14 days. The exhibition runs until 4th April.  Terrific work, of fascinating people, many of them old friends or associates of the artist.  The works, in their blunt, honest realism, put me in mind of old Roman tradition of portrait busts.   That may have been what the artist had in mind with the title for the exhibition, Friends, Writers, a Countryman.    In any case, not to be missed.

Below; Arran Henderson speaking with the artist and sculptor Tom Haran, just prior to the opening of his show this evening.


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