Our 4 magic Dublin walks: Georgian, Medieval & more.

Our 4 special Dublin walks: Georgian, Victorian, Medieval & Modern.  (And how to enjoy the Dublin Decoded experience)

Thank you to everyone who came on our 6 lovely Georgian architecture walking tours this summer, (3 walks in July, 3 in August)   The feedback has been fantastic and very generous.  We enjoyed your company too, and are delighted you enjoyed the tours as much as we did.

For those who couldn’t attend, this background may be useful for future interest:

Dublin Decoded- (that’s us) decided at the start of this summer to divide our lovely city centre into 4 quarters or quadrants.    We’ve named each one (each quarter) for an “Ordinal point” of the compass: so North-West, South-East etc.   (Or just, NW, SE… for short)   You might call it the “Compass’ approach”.  It allows us to call the 4 tours “Georgian SE”, or “Georgian NW” and so on.  Although as you’ll see below, the Georgian bit of the titles is partially a label of convenience.

Points of the compass

Either way, the “Compass’ approach”  gives us 4 different routes.   And although we’ll do occasional other “one-off” tours (often to special sites not usually open to the public) as we go forward with our standard programme of walks, we’ll stick with this approach.

As you’d expect each route covers the outstanding architecture and sites of interest, including the best  Georgian architecture in its district, and the apt context of 18th century history/social history, since that’s something we love (and is also the era Dublin is renowned for).   Each walk is an informal and sociable event, walking and talking,  and covers including ideas, materials and principals of the Georgian style, individual architects and the best examples of their superb buildings, décor, with discussion and ad hoc notes on history, and social history of the 1720-1830 period.  Absolutely no prior or specialist knowledge is required.  Everyone is welcome on Dublin Decoded tours!   As well as Georgian content,  you’ll also discover plenty of other history  too, depending on our walking route we’ll cover fragments of medieval abbeys and priories, disused or vanished churches, old factories, tram-yards, brothels and taverns,  medieval walls below your feet, even traces of Viking Dublin, and more.  In other words the best that each quarter has to offer, in story, history, and glorious architecture, from every era of this city

The public walks programme has now concluded for this summer, (just yesterday, as I write).   However all 4 Georgian Tours are available by arrangement in two very distinct ways:  First: as a pre-booked tour for your own private group.   If you wish to reserve your own group tour you can see the price list here, and then if you wish to make an enquiry please spend some time on the website, choose the tour you’d like to do, then drop us an email with the title of that tour, and your preferred date, in the subject header please.  We will respond as soon as possible.   We are happy to advise on custom and bespoke tours, and often organise special functions, (including even music, readings, tastings etc on occasion) especially for corporate groups, but naturally these cost extra.  So to optimize value and the service we can provide, please look at your tour options and the price list before you get in touch?   There are at least 8 different tours currently on our “menu page” so you may find what you want there, without commissioning a bespoke tour.

Second, But are there any more public walks scheduled?   Yes, we will continue to run our nice, highly sociable public, scheduled tours to which (of course!) everyone is welcome.  These public walks run between 2-4 times a month in May-October, and 1-3 times the rest of the year.  This is both the most economical way and in many senses the most sociable way to attend a Dublin Decoded event.

Then How do I find our when these public walks take place?    The best way to know when tours run is (believe us)  to join our mailing list.  It is free, it goes out just once a month, and take 3 minutes to subscribe.  (It’s also very easy to unsubscribe should you ever wish).  Finally, it goes without saying,  we never share your contact information with anyone else.   We warmly recommend this option to all readers based in or near Dublin, and to any history/architecture enthusiasts who visit Dublin regularly.   The ezine or newsletter goes out once a month, usually between the 5th and 11th day of each month.     Each time you receive the newlesttter it lists the tour available for the next 4 weeks, including meeting times and locations and prices,  and of course also contains links to per-purchase tickets, should you wish to do so.  The quick subscribe form,  is here.

You’ll find all of our walks listed on the home page of dublindecoded.com.   But to get you started,  the 4 Georgian or “Compass” walks we offer are, are…

For walks South of the river…

  • Georgian East (South-East)   This walk usually starts at 2.10pm and from steps of the City Assembly Rooms, 58, South William Street.  It features the City Assembly Rooms themselves, as well as the Old Parliament Houses, House of Lords, (on weekdays only)  as well as superb works by James Gandon; Sir William Chambers; Sir Thomas Burgh; Richard Cassels and other great architects in the areas around College Green, D’Olier St, Trinity College, Kildare St, and Stephen’s Green.   Depending on the time of year, and available access and permissions, this tour also features a handful of historic interiors.  The precise list of interiors depends on the time of year and other factors and indeed, it tends to change with every walk.
  • Georgian West (South-West) usually meets, when we run it at 2.10pm, usually also from the steps of the the Irish Georgian Society.  It covers the area all around Dublin Castle, and Cork Hill, Werburgh’s Street and the Four Courts.

For walks North of the river  (see below..)

 Parliament Colleg Green

  • Georgian North-West.  This walk usually meets at Cow Lane, yet within 10 minutes we cross the river as we focus on the area around the old 18th courthouses and prisons, medieval abbeys and markets and superb Victorian civic architecture.  The second half of the tour focuses on the area of Henrietta Street and the King’s Inns.  Occasionally this walk features an historic interior or two.  These will be advertised (on the website and/or in the newsletter) if they forms part of the tour.
  • Georgian North-East covers Parnell/Rutland Square; including Parnell Square (formerly Rutland Square) the many secrets of Cavendish Row,  the Rotunda Hospital and the Rotunda complex, including the Lying-In hospital, the Gate and Ambassador, along with Eccles Street, some city surprises, Mountjoy Square, and even sometimes a quick digression into an an Art gallery or two!  This walk covers the North and eastern sections of the old Gardener estate, and features plenty of surprises.   Please note: the usual meeting place for this walk is outside the Ambassador, top of O’Connell street.  

North Georgain 2

St Georges Church

  • 3-




Brian, John, etc St WErburghs

Four Courts & Grattan Bridge Destroyed1_n


7 thoughts on “Our 4 magic Dublin walks: Georgian, Medieval & more.

    1. Hi Oglach, you haven’t missed it! 3 of the 6 walks still to go. 🙂 See the second half of the piece above: 3 dates in August, 2 Wednesdays and a Sunday. It’s all above boss, the info, links etc.
      Do come along if you can, would be great to meet you. -Arran.

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    1. You personally Pauline, certainly can. Practically my favourite guest! Yes, do please come and bring a friend or 2. I’ll put your name down on a list now. See you at 2 or a minute or so after, the plan is to leave as close to 2.15 as possible. See you on Tues 30th! It should be brilliant. Look forward- Arran.


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