Microfiction: Bounce

Lovely, deft piece of 3 minute micro-writing by my esteemed French comrade Jane Dougherty.

Jane Dougherty Writes

A very short story (89 words if anybody’s interested) in response to Sacha Black’s writing challenge. I admit it took me rather more than 60 seconds. It took me 60 seconds to clear my desktop and open a new word doc and another 60 secs thinking about what came after the first three words.  Ah well, rules are made to be broken, shouts the anarchist in me.


The apple dropped. We didn’t hear the whoosh as it fell, just the thud as it hit the ground and rolled into the long grass. It was a beauty, green streaked with russet. And it had only one wormhole. Baby picked it up and gazed at it in awe.

“Round,” she said.

We beamed. Such a bright child.

She toddled to the path, apple clutched in chubby hand, and slung it to the ground.

She looked up at us, eyes full of reproach…

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