free walks Dublin Fest of History, Sept.

Dublin Decoded are proud to partner Dublin City public libraries and their superb annual two week-long event, the Dublin Festival of History (DFoH) which takes place 23rd September to 08 October this year.

Many of you will already know well the Festival of History, a packed annual programme of public talks, lectures and interviews with some of the leading names in Irish, European and international history studies. In the last three years alone, speakers and events have included Tom Holland (Rubicon) Simon Schama (the History of the Jews)  and Trinity College Dublin’s Professor of Modern history John Horne, interviewing the great Hew Stachan on the First World War. The middle weekend each year in particular, is a smorgasbord of delights for all lovers of history. In short, this is is one of our favourite events of the year, so we’re frankly thrilled (and not a little proud) to be associated with the festival.  To celebrate, we have collaborated with DFoH to bring you a free historical walking tour,  led by Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded, and this is available to you free of charge, on two alternative dates, (one weekend and one weekday).
The walk and talk- Medieval Mass to Georgian Splendour-  will explore City Shaping in the area immediately around Dublin Castle, the historic centre of Dublin from the Viking to Medieval period and beyond. On our walk we’ll discuss how the mass, building stock, streetscape and even topography of the city has changed and constantly been re-shaped in the last 1200 years, from c840AD to the present..  For booking details, please see below.

medieval Dublin, courtesy of artist Iain Barber

Tickets for the events are free, places however are limited to around 28 per walk and places should please be reserved in advance  via the two separate links below.
There are two stagings of the (same) walk: firstly at 2.15pm, Wednesday the 28th September and 11AM Saturday 24th September. (Please note the differing start times, If by chance you are available on both dates, we’d politely request you to book the Wednesday walk date please, (only if convenient)   In both instances the walk leaves from the steps outside of the Print Works, Dublin Castle, (formerly the Revenue Commissioners building) Lower Yard, Dublin Castle.  It is not necessary to print out your tickets, we are more than happy to see them on your phone.

To book for the the 2.15PM Wednesday afternoon walk on 28th September, (2016) please follow this link to the Wednesday 28th ticket page.  Once there press the green button on the top left of that page to book for the 2.15PM Wednesday 28th September walk and book your tickets, (up to a maximum of 4).

To book instead for the Saturday morning version 11AM on Saturday 24th September, please go here instead.

Once you’ve booked tickets, please meet your guide Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded, on the steps of the Printworks, Dublin Castle, This building was formerly the Revenue Commissioner building.  It is in the Lower Yard of Dublin Castle.  Access to Lower Yard is via the Upper Yard,  or via Palace Street, (off Dame St)  Please meet 5 minutes before the stated time of the walk.  The walking tour takes 1 hour 35mins to 1hour 50 mins.  (All times are approximate only)  Neither walk is suitable for under-15s. Please dress for the weather, and please wear appropriate footwear. Walk covers approx. a 2K walk in a circuit, starting and finishing Dublin Castle.

We look forward to seeing you then.  To see other walks and events by Dublin Decoded see our website or best of all, please sign on to our free monthly newsletter, here.

header image: Medieval Dublin, artist’s impression, from a (superb) original painting by Iain Barber,   Courtesy and kind permission of the artist, Iain Barber.

other image: (below)  a map of the walls of Dublin, by Leonard Strangeways, map c1900.

DFoH BEST MAP cArranHenderson Dublin Decoded

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