Blackpitts, Newmarket & around: a Liberties tour.

Newmarket,  the heart of the Liberties, is scheduled for development, and for huge physical change.  Mill St is already transformed, while most of Sweeney Lane is a distant memory.  Blackpitts and Fumbally Lane meanwhile are both full of extraordinary, half-forgotten historical connections.  It is high time we explored this area, to look at its past, present and future and to see just why it’s so unique.

On this tour, we’ll discover a history of aristocratic townhouses, underground rivers, mill ponds and Dutch Billies, of ancient, abandoned churches and modern enterprise, and discuss everything from industry, education and tragedy, to philanthropy, revolution and trade.

In its totality, you will discover an area on the cusp of massive, irreversible change, rich in history,  and full of real surprises.

Please purchase your tickets in advance, using the EventBrite button above.  If you can’t see it above it should certainly be visible on our home page.  Yoi can also go direct to EventBrite

Meet point for our tour is directly outside the Teeling’s distillery in Newmarket.   Please see the map at the very foot of the ticket page.  That map also expands if required.

Meet from 12.22pm please.  Saturday 22nd July (2017)    Walk and talk starts 12.30pm sharp.    We will of course walk in all weathers.  Please check forecast.  Wear suitable clothes and footwear. Meet your guide Arran from 12.22pm please

Please note:  it’s not necessary to print out your ticket.  Save the trees!   We will have a list of names on the day to tick off.  You may of course also show us your ticket on the screen of your phone to speed things up if desired.

This will be a fascinating tour, full of maps, of ideas and surprises, all in the usual sociable, Dublin Decoded style.   We look forward to welcoming you then.

-Arran Henderson  |  Dublin Decoded


Dublin Decoded Ts&Cs:  Please note, this is a no-refund event.  We’ve tried, and learned the hard way,  once your ticket purchased it is very difficult, expensive and inconvenient, almost impossible at times, to offer any refunds or alternate dates.  Accordingly we can no longer offer refunds alas.  Please check your availability prior to booking.  You may however book, then give your tickets to another guest, by printing out and giving it to them, and we will of course honour these tickets.  (In those circumstances, please ask your guest cites your name from our guest-list to confirm.  Many thanks.)

Dublin Decoded Gift Vouchers, Ts&Cs   Our tour & treasure hunt vouchers / gift vouchers may of course be used for this tour.

Notification etiquette:  If using a gift voucher please do not book tickets above.  We can not refund.  Anyhow, your voucher is your ticket!   Just turn up on the day.  If you can email ahead to let us know you are coming (mention your voucher) then that’s always appreciated, but not essential on this tour.   (NB:  On some interior, highly restricted events,  like our National Gallery tours,  it is necessary to notify us of your vouchers/ and your attendance,  in advance,  but not on most exterior walking tours.   Thank you)


below: some of the history, and some of the images, we will be using in our tour on 22nd July.  We hope to see you there. 



5 thoughts on “Blackpitts, Newmarket & around: a Liberties tour.

  1. Hi Arran, my sister and I had booked for your 2nd Aug tour but neither of us could make it. So we hope you’ll do one or both of your Liberties tours again… One of our ancestors , P J McCall lived at 25 Patrick St (McCall’s pub). He was a noted songwriter and song collector and wrote Boulavogue and Follow Me Up to Carlow. He died in 1919. Pub site long gone but there was a heritage plaque on the building until it was demolished a few decades ago.
    Kind regards
    Mary Carroll


  2. Hi Mary,
    Sorry to hear that, that’s a real shame you and your sister couldn’t make the tour on Wednesday. But yes, we will definitely do it again some time, very possibly in September, or else October. Tell me, are you on the mailing list, for our monthly newsletter? If not, please join up straight away, as it’s the only really reliable way to hear about tours in time. We will probably only do the Liberties tours about 2-3 times a year in future, so you won’t want to miss notifications. You will find a link to sign up for the newsletter at the top of the very top of this page. At the top of the page if you are on a laptop or a desktop anyhow. I’m not quite sure how it works or where that link is if you are on a phone or a tablet! But here is the link :
    Highly recommended doing that. Hope to see you on a tour soon! Very best wishes – Arran.
    PS: very interesting information about your relative. I see his address in the old Thom’s directory, as digitized by the Nat lobrary. Anyhow, that’s very good information yo have, thank you.


  3. Hi Arran
    I’d like to take this tour as well. I was booked for that Saturday, but was down with a rotten cold (so my hubby went!). Just followed you on Twitter. We used to live in Old Mill Court, near Blackpitts, now a major building site…


    1. Hi Jill, that’s a shame you couldn’t make it that Saturday. Glad at least your husband could come, hope he enjoyed it. Yes please do come the next time. Are you on the mailing list for alerts btw (via our monthly newsletter?) Honestly the best way to hear about the tours in time, I’ve followed you back on Twitter. Looking forward to meeting you and your husband again some time. Best wishes Arran. here’s that sign up link btw:


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