Bayeux Tapestry, sparked into life.

Many thanks to the friend who sent me this. I love it! A terrific, and very usefully “interpretive” animation of the legendary Bayeux Tapestry.

It brings to life, with movement, sound and captions, the stages in the story of, preparation for, and execution of the Norman invasion of England. No doubt their Conquest of Ireland, just 103 years later (1169) by Richard de Clare, Raymond Gros et al, looked and felt pretty similar.

Innovations like this give us some sense of what it may have been like.

Which I guess, is exactly what the makers of this famous piece of embroidery had in mind, all those centuries ago.


If you would like to find out or read more about the famous Bayeux Tapestry, which is actually not a tapestry at all, but rather a very long roll of embroidered cloth, try this wonderful article from the Khan Academy

bayeux tapestry

One thought on “Bayeux Tapestry, sparked into life.

  1. Thanks for passing along this link! My French family is not from Normandy (we’re from Nord-Pas de Calais and Belgium), but I’ve often wondered what my distant ancestors knew about the invasion, or if they knew anyone who participated in it. History is a living thing, for me. 😀

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