Mornings after, and the perils of Champagne.


 It appears to be the morning after the night before.

It also appears that bottle of Malbec at Confeteria Ideal last night was unacceptable.

Clearly it did not meet my exacting standards. 

Because- I now recall-  I encouraged the Germans to help me finish it quickly.  Then I ordered a bucket of champagne.   

Well, you try dancing with two blonde Germans (all four of them)  in nice frocks,  at a 19th century ballroom, and see if you don’t end up ordering the champagne.

Anyway, this morning, I find,  last night’s mix is playing havoc with my head. 

Up Champagne.

Hiss, boo and down with Malbec. 

The slightly fuzzy head is not that serious.  What is a curse is that I’ve lost my mobile phone.

With it more than half my Buenos Aires numbers are gone.   Others are scrawled on various bits of paper or they can be recovered from various e-mails.

But more than half have gone for keeps.

 It takes the entire day to replace the phone, and then to make it work with a compatible chip.

Part of the idea, and a large part of the delay,  is so the number can remain the same.  

It doesn’t really work. 




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