to my niece, on the occasion of her very first birthday: Ecce Maud.

Ecce Maud.


Spanish churches, ancient Rome

Soon they’ll be her second home.

 Cos’ to all the world, to be explored

Know now, she’s coming…  

Her name: be Maud.


So let’s tell those Norwegian hordes,

to tidy up the lovely fiords.

and the folks of Mexico City,

they’d better make it nice and pretty.


Taj Mahal,  and old Jaipur-

you better be expecting her.

and Coptic treasures of Abyssinia-

It won’t be long until she’s seen ‘ya!


To the sand and surf of Hawaii

Maud O’Connor’s passing by.


Tell London, Paris and Berlin-

Full alert, she’s calling in!


All the tigers in Bengal-

Be prepared to for her to call.

To lions on Serengeti plains-

It’s as sure as seasonal rain. 


Tell the folks in old Macau-

The time to act is now

And to the people in Hong Kong-

Put on the kettle, it won’t be long.


Her means of transport matters not,

As she goes from dot to dot.


By private jet, bike or camper van,

To Denver, Rio, or Sudan.


To all the world, yet to be explored,

She’s coming soon..  

Her name… be Maud

9 thoughts on “to my niece, on the occasion of her very first birthday: Ecce Maud.

  1. Uncle Arran – your Ecce Maud poem is fabulous. Looking forward to reading your other poems. Tennyson was made poet laureate after the publication of his Maud and Other Poems. Will you be next poet laureate? If not I say why not! Emxox


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