Winners, Prizes, and Reflections, on the Dublin Picture Quiz.

Here, again slightly later than advertised, are the results for the picture quiz.  The results mind, not the answers, you’ll find those already submitted on the previous post, published a few days ago,  (go back there and have a look if there were any pictures you didn’t know)

Thank you very much everyone who took part.  This quiz was definitely trickier than previous editions.  In retrospect, it was also a dumb mistake to stage it in 3 separate posts spread over 3 days.   A lot of people (hundreds!)  checked in, took one look, and quite understandably never came back.  Dumb error,  won’t be doing that again, b’gora.    Anyway, for those who did take part, thanks a million for persevering.    And here is how you did.   Mr David Armstrong, nailed 5 answers,  including numbers 2, 4, and 6.  Well done to him and thanks for taking part.   David pointed out he was competing at a disadvantage, from far-off London, fog-bound in a pea-souper no doubt, with Holmes and Watson distracting him as they went dashing by in a hanson cab on the trail of Professor Moriarty.

Next, in a tie for joint third-place,  came Mr Patrick Purser of county Wicklow with 8 correct answers.  Not too shabby at all.  Tied on the exact same score was Ms. Nadja Valeska Tietz of Stugart Germany,  also with a highly credible 8/15.    Another, even stronger performer was Ms Julie Collins, in second place  with a really good score of 10/15.  Superb stuff and thank you very much for posting those answers Julie.  I suspect you did better than you thought?  DElighted to say you win one of the prizes, (see below at foot of post)   Congratulations to you Julie.    🙂

Detail 11, Arran's Picture, Quiz

Interestingly,  there was a 3-way-tie for first place.  My fellow bloggers, Mr and Mrs Jim and Ruth Mackin, aced the quiz with a superb 13/15.  They were only stumped by the Asgard yacht in Collins Barracks.  But unlike many readers, they did get the ultra-tricky detail from Corrigan’s Bar in Ranelagh,  (the sideways picture, if you recall, above)   Incidentally, Jim and Ruth’s blog –Big Mac and Whys is a highly personable, readable and entertaining series on life, living, politics, place and culture, always worth a visit.


Also on the same excellent score was Ms Shirley Chance, of The Dublin Beatles Festival,  hitting Dublin with a bang next month of the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four playing Dublin.    If you’re any kind of fan of that classic music, you’d be mad to miss this one.   Come to think of it, I went to see a Beatles tribute band in Argentina, early last year.  Half expected to find it a bit lame, tbh.  What actually happened is I sang myself hoarse and danced around like a lunatic all night.   I suspect Shirley also will put on a mean show for all 4 nights of her fab festival in November.   But tickets are already selling out for some events, so go check out the site while you can.


Mr Tig Mays, one half of Howbert and Mays in lovely Monkstown,  by far the most knowledgeable, friendly and restful place in Dublin to buy your plants, seeds, and other marvelous garden supplies, made up the third and final part of the winning triumvirate.   Not only did Tig get joint top marks, he also speculated intriguingly on the strange object on top of Bolland’s Mill,  (below)   “Roof of Boland’s mill. Could that conceivably be a railway carriage of a ‘Dutch Hit’ used as a clerestory?”   I still have no idea exactly what this meant.   Does it mean did the Mill owners installed a hut to look at the night sky and do achieve this, they used a dutch railway carriage?  I have no idea.   A bizarre yet beautiful idea.   I was confused but quietly impressed.

Anyhow, huge congratulations to Tig, to Shirley and to Ruth and JIm.  Prizes to you all.   In fact, what the heck, prizes for everyone.

The prize you may recall, is two free tickets to any Dublin Decoded Tour,  which will be starting up again in the next month or so.   There will be 2 to 3 tours each month, on subjects as diverse as symbolism in the National Gallery,  City Street furniture, and (a good one for kids)  Animals on Buildings.   New tours are being designed all the time, so if you haven’t already subscribed to the Dublin Decoded website please go do that right now.  Make sure you go to the proper website and subscribe to the updates feed,   so you get those reminders of upcoming tours.   Just liking it on Facebook is not going to remind you of tours you now have tickets too.    By all means like us on Facebook too if it helps to remind you also.  🙂

Anyway, then you’ll see the scheduled tours as they are announced and confirmed.    So, as soon as you see a tour you like he look of on the Dublin Decoded site, just drop us a line and we’ll very, very happily book you in for free,  X 2 places.   Well-deserved,  and we look forward to welcoming you then.  🙂      Email us end of next month or next May, July or next November even.   Any time you like,  It doesn’t matter.  Your prize tickets will be honoured in full for any scheduled tour, and for at least the next 12 months, no questions asked.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the quiz.   I really appreciated it,  and I hope you enjoyed it.   Hope to do another one in the next couple of months.    Very best regards -Arran.

7 thoughts on “Winners, Prizes, and Reflections, on the Dublin Picture Quiz.

  1. Love it! It’s like school sports day… everyone gets a medal! We’re thrilled and looking forward to our tour! (can we bring the dogs?) Thanks again for the entertainment. The quiz definitely brought out our competitive streak!


    1. Dogs probably a bit tricky in the city centre tours, what with traffic and whatnot, plus we usually try and get inside a couple of the buildings. But I can imagine putting on a little walking tour some time around Ranelagh and Rathmines, or around Sandymount, so maybe that could be a runner avec les chiens, non? Alternatively, if you’ve got someone who will dog-sit for an afternoon, and their kids are your Godchildren, you could swap your dogs for their kids and could bring them to the Temple Bar Treasure hunt, which is a tour i am really proud of, and perfect for the nippers. We’ll work something out. Look forward to meeting you guys sometime soon, spread the word and keep the faith. -A. PS: I see you’ve already got your 5-Ugliest Buildings post up, nice work! 🙂


    1. Well Coventop, i don’t know of Dublin will see it quite the same way! But it’s very nice to read such kind and encouraging words. Thank you very much, they are keenly appreciated. A response like that makes all the effort worthwhile really.
      my very best regards- Arran.


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