Ice on Black – Photography by Erik Waider

yet another stunning set, of magical photographs, this time of icebergs, found and presented as always by one of my favourite bloggers, the great Morphes. Drink in deeply, inhale and enjoy…



Far north on the coast of Iceland, by the glaciers in Greenland and next to the freezing North Sea Erik Waider has discovered landscapes which come to life through their contradictions: when water forms mountains, when it is as bright as day at night, when in the freezing cold things come to life – that is when Jan Erik Waider takes a photograph.
In his series Ice on Black, Waider applies post-processing black and white conversions to deepen the already strong natural contrast between the ice and dark water.
Location: Greenland’s Disko Bay.

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2 thoughts on “Ice on Black – Photography by Erik Waider

    1. Yes, I agree, aren’t they absolutely amazing? Quite extraordinary, and as I tried to express above “other-worldly” like something from a very distant and remote, strange but beautiful place. I absolutely loved them when I saw them, and I am glad you do too. 🙂 Thanks fro taking the time to comment, always nice to hear from you. 🙂 — Arran.

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