North by North West, a walking & talking tour of Dublin, 18th century to medievel, history, architecture, revolution & social history.

North by North West, is the newest of Dublin Decoded’s walking & talking tour of Dublin city centre.   As always with Dublin Decoded, we’ll look at and discuss the rich, varied; often surprising historic past, and explore how aspects of that past shape our present and our city today.  There is an upcoming date on Saturday afternoon, 22nd of March, which is now open for booking.   Depending how other things pan out, approx 6-7 places remain, so get in touch soon if you’d like to join us.

This tour starts in the historic centre of Dublin, near college Green and Dublin Castle, with a orientation and discussion of how topography, religious institutions before the the Reformation, and 17th and 18th century patterns of building and planning laws, speculation and development, all influence the city we know today.

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The tour then winds, as the name suggests, in a North-west direction.

The Dublin Decoded philosophy:  Dublin Decoded tours tend to be pretty sociable.  We don’t lecture you.  Rather we guide discussion, inviting you to observe, discuss and engage.  On this tour we’ll see an historic courthouse, some beautiful Victorian terracotta decor, & discover other hidden treasures, a buried medieval Abbey; Dublin’s grandest and finest 18th Century residential street,  a covered over & forgotten harbour, and the last great Dublin building ‘to partake of the sublime”.

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The next scheduled tour takes place on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd of March.  It lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours, and costs €15 per person.  All are welcome but places must be booked in advance, via an email to

Kings Inns

The above date is open to all.  It’s also often possible to arrange special, separate bespoke private tours for pre-booked groups, via the same email, for this walk or any of our other 6 tours.

A similar description of the above tour,  can be seen here, at North by North West.

Keeping an eye out for future Dublin decoded tours?   An overview of all our tours (seven in total)  can be seen on the home page of our website   Just press on the individual tiles/icons,  to enter each tour description.

If you don’t see a date, feel free to suggest one.  Just remember all tours- both week days and weekends- are always afternoons, and also that we don’t communicate through the website, so booking reservations, and/or specific inquiries all made via email to:           When getting in contact, please don’t forget to say which tour or tours you mean, the number of people, where you’re coming from, and your preferred dates.

If you can’t make any of the current scheduled tours, don’t feel up to organising a group either, but you’d still like to keep an eye out for future scheduled walks & events, the best trick is to subscribe or follow the Dublin Decoded Facebook page,  where each of the upcoming  tours are announced at least twice.  We some times run competitions there with free tour tickets as prizes. Obviously shares (not “Likes”) off this page across Facebook, about our tours, are greatly appreciated.  Do that a few times and we are quite likely to just send you some complimentary tickets!

Oh, as for testimonials, some of the happy customers, in this case from our much-loved How to Read a Painting Tour, reviews here, on a certain well-known Travel Advisory website. Drop us a line sometime.  We look forward to welcoming you along sometime.  Obviously,  if you’re interested in or trying to organise a group, feel free to share this page here via social media buttons below, same if you have friends who may be interested, or just if you feel like helping us out.  Many thanks.

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