Great Victorians, Dublin walking tour.

Great Victorians, our new Dublin Decoded walking tour, is now open for bookings via email. (see blow)  Our theme is Great Victorians.  On this tour we explore the rich legacy of beautiful, often spectacular buildings, with their applied arts, architectural detail and decor, all from the second half of the 19th century, the Victorian era.

L1030271   L1030285_2

We’ll also look at the extraordinary influence, hard to credit today, that Victorian critic, writer and thinker John Ruskin exerted on 19th century British and Irish architects and designers.

The tour includes art and applied work in shimmering ceramic, columns of richly coloured marble, virtuoso carved stone sculpture, and stunning paintings in a neo-Byzanitine style by a neglected 19th century genius, and much more.   We’ll be looking in fact at the exterior of 3 or 4 and the interior of at least 2, of simply the best buildings and the best decorative and applied art every executed in Ireland

But we’ll also seek to place that work in context.   Because throughout the tour we’ll “decode”, as we always do,  setting aspects of architecture and design into the context of the Ireland and Dublin of the time, and within the distinctive mindset of the Victorian era generally-  political, religious, artistic and intellectual, drawing connections between history and culture and art,  to see how such  culture manifested itself in the built and made visual culture of that extraordinary time.


John Ruskin.

Our next Victorians tour is scheduled for the mid summer 2014 but this tour and most of our tour menu always availbable, is always available  by reservation for pre-booked groups.    Simply send an email to   with the tour title in email; or in your subject header, (ie Victorians tour)  and say if you have any date preferences or restrictions, plus how many people for.   Thank you.


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We look forward to welcoming you on tour.    If you wish to alert a friend, details of this tour can be shared via the social media buttons below.   If you can’t make this tour but would to stay informed of future tours, the best method is to like and follow the Dublin Decoded Facebook page.  We run 2-5 tours per month and always announce them there.   Descriptions of our full menu of tours (7 in total)  can be found on our website Dublin Decoded (dot com)

Please note we do not communicate directly off via this website so to reserve any tour off that menu, or make inquiries, just send an email to                 When possible, remember to put name of your tour in the email and/or subject header.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Great Victorians, Dublin walking tour.

  1. Hi There

    Loving the site/page are these walks still active,I’m a mature student in D.I.T studying spatial planning,I’ve developed a huge interest in my home town’s architectural history. Your tours seem ideal for my class.

    By any chance do you know or could you point me in the direction of,somewhere to find out about the Victorian building ‘Arran House’ built a few years before the market in Smithfield.

    Warm regards
    Paul Byrne


  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your positive comments and thanks for following. I hope you’ll follow the newsletter so you can come on one of the walks some time, this year or next year. I’ll include a link to the sign-up fiorm just below, as its really almost the only way to hear about walks in time. I don’t unfortunately have any specific information immediately to hand about the Arran House, I’d have to look it up. I immagine you were Googling it when you found my blog ! 🙂 Have you looked it up yet in Christine Cassey’s “Buildings of Ireland” ? Dublin Volume of course” That’s the usual place to start. It will be in the DIT library. Let me know if you find Arran House there. I’ve always liked that building too. And not just for the obvious reasons! Here’s that link to newsletter. Joining up is warmly recommended. Hope to see you on your some time.


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