Georgian NW & the King’s Inns interiors: walking tour, Wed 5th August.

Kings Inns Ext 1

Following the huge success of this Dublin North-west Georgian tour, featuring the Kings Inns tour last May, I’m delighted to announce another opportunity to do this lovely history and architectural walking tour by Dublin Decoded, on Wednesday afternoon, the 5th of August, meeting 2.10pm.  Tickets for the  North-west Georgian tour are available here.    More general information is below

Information on our other 3 Georgian walks this summer-  Georgian South-East;  South-West and North-East-  all available via this separate page,  here.

Tour Description:  On this North-West 2-hour walk, we’ll explore the river and quays, then cross the river to the Northside of the old city, winding through traces of medieval markets and monasteries and an 18th century courthouse and prison, discussing history and buildings, on our way up to the second half (and highlight) of our tour,  Henrietta Street, and the majestic King’s Inns.

This section of the tour includes the stunning interior of the Inn’s separate Law Library, and then an extensive interior tour of the King’s Inns itself,  including the superb dining room, the “benchers’ room”, the grand major hallways, staircases, sculptures, furniture and stained glass of the Inns.    We’ll also get a chance to touch on one or two highlights from the Inn’s surprisingly rich and historically fascinating Art collection.

Yet the real star will the building itself.  James Gandon is the most famous and most revered of the great architects from Dublin’s Georgian era.  Here’s a chance to understand why, with a rare opportunity to visit the most intact of his masterpieces.

All are welcome.

Time:  We will meet between 2.05 and 2.1o.  Please pre-book your place using the link below and present tickets on arrival.   Meeting Point:  the intersection of the lower end of Cow Lane, where it faces Saints Michael & John’s Church, (the church on Essex Street West).   This church is also the rear of the Smock Alley theatre  (But please come to the Essex St west side please,, not the river front side)   There’s a good Google map insert on the ticket link showing the meeting point.

Presenting tickets from 2.o5pm. Walk commences 2.15pm sharp.  Tickets may be purchased here.

We look forward to welcoming you there;  for a sociable and wonderful day out of fascinating history, and superb architecture.

The Georgian North-West walk forms one part of a quartet of 4 different Georgian masterpieces city walks this summer, each walk named after a point of the compass: NE/NW/SE/SW.   We are doing a couple of them in collaboration with the wonderful Irish Georgian Society.  For those who are interested in seeing a menu of all 4 different Georgian tours all the details can be found here.

 KIngs Inns INt 1

an interior shot of the Law Library, on Henrietta Street.

Kings INNs LIBRARY INT 2Law Library,  Henrietta Street.

Kings Inns INT WindowInterior detail, a special windwow with an interesting history at the Kings Inns.

Kings Inns Dining 1

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