Hugh Oram’s website, a national treasure, online at last!

I’m delighted to see my neigbour and friend Hugh Oram has put himself online with a excellent, very attractive new website.   I find myself quite jealous of the nice clear presentation and lovely pictures there!

For those of you that haven’t discovered him yet, Hugh sometimes stands in and writes the well-known daily Irish Times column,  once the stomping ground of that genius and legendary, hard-drinking grouch, Flann O’Brien  (O’Brien of course wrote the famous column under his punning Gaelic pen-name, Myles na gCopaleen)     Hugh is an experienced public speaker and broadcaster and is also renowed as the author of scores of books, including works of local history across various Dublin districts, many of which have benefited from his extraordinary erudition,  including Dundrum, Ballsbridge and Sandymount.   I often use Hugh’s books as references and source material for my own various talks and tours, they’re an absolute treasure-trove of local knowledge and insight.    Many of my Dublin-based readers may well be living in an area covered by one of Hugh’s books.    Hmmm…   If one was interested in local history, or one were looking a for a small, delightful present for Christmas, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start!      Highly recommended!

Hugh Oram


2 thoughts on “Hugh Oram’s website, a national treasure, online at last!

    1. Quite right too Katy, John was a really super journalist. I have such strong happy memories of going around to your dad’s place, half a dozen times at least, usually to play chess. He was extremely kind to me also, with advice about writing and publishing and so on. Pretty touch chess opponent too! Hugh’s books are excellent, as you know, such a terrific local historian. 🙂


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