public walking tour, history & architecture of Rathmines! 11.30am Sunday, 8th Nov.

Our next Dublin Decoded public walking tour runs Sunday 8th of November (2015) and will explore the lovely main-street, residential roads, churches and public buildings of Rathmines.  Our walk will meet at 11.20 and will start at 11.30am.  All are welcome. Advanced tickets are available at a slightly reduced price, here.   We hope to see you on Sunday 8th.  More tour content below.


Tour content:  Rathmines is primarily a mid to late 19th to early 20th century district and features some fantastic examples of the many styles from this long and diverse period, buildings across many typologies and in many styles, from the neo-Gothic,  romantic, Tudor revivalism..


… fine late Georgian and Victorian villas, and a coupe of really fine churches, as well as an enticing Hodge-podge of much more.  Libraries, schools, barracks, one of the largest and grandest churches in Dublin, with its iconic, towering dome, Rathmines is a treasure trove of all that’s best in architecture from the last 180 years.   Come and join us as we explore it together, in our usual, highly sociable and accessible Dublin Decoded style.


above: front of of the church of Saint Mary Immaculate, Refuge of Sinners, Rathmines,  showing the the magnificent portico, which survived the terrible early 20th century fire, and the old dome, which of course which did not!   Today’s (replacement) dome, an icon of the Dublin skyline, is much bigger.  It was cast in Glasgow and had reputedly been originally ordered for a church in per-revolutionary Russia.

Join us, from 11.30 on  Sunday 8th of November,  all are welcome, and explore all around this wonderful area, the Dublin Decoded way!

The link again to map and to advance tickets at reduced price,  here.

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