the Dublin Decoded Great Temple Bar Treasure Hunt.

Fish and Horses, Lions and Dragons, Bicycles and Submarine Portholes.  Every time you stop and look up and around in Temple Bar, you’ll see an extraordinary world of decorative detail.  It’s an area packed with history and details, with incident and story.  And the best way to explore it all ?  ….through a Treasure Hunt!

Our first Dublin Decoded Great Temple Bar Treasure Hunt was on Tuesday November 1st.  Our next one will take place as a private event the weekend of 19th/20 November.  Then there will be 4 more Treasure Hunts at the end of December, two on the 30th December and two more on the 31st Dec.   These are public events and you may book tickets. Note that on both days one treasure hunt will be for parents with children and the other will be for “grown-ups”  Please rad the ticket page carefully to ensure you buy a ticket for the correct event!  Grown ups without kids not allowed on children’s event, and visa versa.

These December/New Year Treasure Hunt events are sponsored by the New Year Festival of Dublin and Failte Ireland so tickets are subsidized, at just a remarkable €6 each. Places limited and must be booked in advance.

Private or Public?  In 2017, From 18th January 2017 it will be possible to book the Treasure Hunt as a private event for your group, including as a team building, corporate or client entertainment event.  There will also be a number of Treasure Hunts for the public each year.  Please note we do not answer queries about Public events.  But there is a mailing list with a free monthly ezine with notification of all walks, talks, treasure hunts and events.  To join the Dublin Decoded mailing list and receive the monthly email newsletter please do so  via this link. 

How our Treasure Hun works. In Part 1 you’re paired up with at least one other team mate (Or bring your own team mate with you if you wish)  We’ll give you a set of questions, clues  leading to approximate location of around 20 different details, images and artifacts around the Temple Bar area.  You’ve just 55 minutes to find the objects and answer the short questions to prove you’ve found them.  We meet again after that 60 minutes. Now in Part 2 for kids we check the answers and give out spot prizes.  But in part two for grown ups and our corporate version we walk the route again, this time as one big group. We’ll find the artifacts together and check your answers, while learning a little more of the history, architecture, and symbolism behind the objects along the way in traditional Dublin-Decoded style.   We’ll also reveal which team or pair got the most correct answers and award the winners a enviable prize. Sound good?

Meet point /start point: Rory Gallagher Corner, Our usual start point is the North Entrance to Meeting House Square, This entrance is next to the National Photo Archives (NMI)   There is a bronze guitar, set into the red brick wall up on the wall, just above our meet point.  Our usual finish point is a seperate location. All details are sent out to you when you book your treasure hunt.

Start Time:  It’s important to be aware that your meet time is 15 minutes before the Start time!  If start time is 12 for example, you need to be there at 11.45.

The grown up version of event is in two separate parts, (one hour each approx) so  Total run time grown-up event 2 hours and 15 mins approx.  The run time can be adjusted in consultation with clients, by simply adding or taking away questions.    For our kids version of the event, (parents with children 7-13)  total run time is 1 hour, 15 mins approx Please note all times are approximate and it depends how quickly teams walk and how quickly you find clues and do the treasure hunt.  But normal times so far two average adults, is it takes 42-55 minutes to complete the TH.

Single or double ticket?  You may be able to buy either a single ticket (for one person) or a double ticket (for 2), as required.  Please check the ticket page, as per link below.

Please read and note the following terms & conditions before purchasing:  Unfortunately places strictly limited, so we can’t accept late or extra booking, or walk ups on the day.  Please also note: Dublin Decoded have a strict no-refund, no-exchange policy on all Treasure Hunt events.  So please check your availability before purchasing your tickets.

Please also note that grown up event are for grown-ups only and not for anyone under 13. Teenagers 13-18 are allowed but must be accompanied with an adult-parent,  or we will not issue the question sheet.  No unaccompanied children or teenagers are permitted to do the Treasure Hunt.

As with all out walks, and events, if you wish to book a Treasure Hunt as a private, bespoke event only (one exclusively for your own group)  please contactus at    (prices from €250 per event)    If you wish to join a Treasure Hunt that is running as a public event, (prices from €15 per ticket) then please join the Dublin Decoded mailing list  via this link. 

This is the only or best way us at Other Temple Bar Treasure Hunts to find out when they run, and get sufficient advance notice.  Sign-up is also easily found, either via our Dublin Decoded website,  or via our Dublin Decoded Facebook page, or best sign up using link above.

We look forward to seeing you.   Arran | Dublin Decoded.


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