South City Stroll- a Dublin Decoded mystery tour, Wed 26th Oct.


There are 6 or 7 tickets left for our next Dublin history and architecture walk which takes place very soon,  afternoon of Wednesday 26th October (2016). It starts 2.15pm, meeting at the Campanile of Trinity College. (Meet from 2.05PM, please present tickets, walk departs 2.15 sharp.)   The tour goes for around 1 hour and 45 minutes (approx) Tour finishes up around 3.55pm, in the general area of Harrington St/ Camden St.  Along the way we shall explore parts of the South City Centre and discuss a number of distinctive buildings and their varied histories, including Government and departmental buildings, Commercial premises and signage and, in particular, Ecclesiastical Architecture, mostly from 1850 onward.


Some of the buildings on our route are well known and acknowledged masterpieces, like Newman’s stunning University Church on Stephens Green or the Department of Trade and Industry (pictured above) Other far less known, and there even may be a few surprises and mysteries along the way. We shall visit at least two Victorian masterpieces, and also, towards the end, a tiny hidden chapel, a place rarely glimpsed by anyone these days and in fact, hardly known about, where among other things you can learn the story of this beautiful window (below).

No more clues or information here, this is a magical mystery tour!

The tickets can be got via this link. Places are of course limited so please book ahead; we may not be able to accommodate extras on the day. Definitely however a tour not to be missed!

We look forward to seeing some of you there.

kind regards-   Arran | Dublin Decoded.



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