The great Dublin Decoded tour voucher on sale!

We’ve been threatening to do this for nearly three years.  We’ve been asked to do it for easily the last 4 or 5 years.  Now we’ve finally gone and done it. The great Dublin Decoded tour voucher has arrived.  The ultimate fun informal date event voucher. The ultimate gift for the fine arts lover, history/ local history buff or architecture aficionado already in your life.  The best way to get onto our fabulous Treasure hunts during 2017.  It’s here.


The voucher entitles the bearer (you)  to 2 places on any public Dublin Decoded walking tour.  If you decide to use it on one of our Treasure Hunts as the voucher is also valid for any pair of adults, or indeed any family group, an adult or  indeed any 2/3 adults (how generous is that!?)  with up to 3 children.  (Kids aged 7-14 work best on these treasure hunts)  The Treasure Hunts are proving to be incredible fun, and there will be new ones added this year.  Don’t miss out.  Alternatively,  for those who like their history walking tours a little more sedate and luxurious,  you can join one of our superb regular walking tours, frankly the best history and architecture walking tours currently available in Dublin. You can even if you wish even put the voucher towards the cost of a private bespoke tour,  which will knock €30 straight off the normal price.  In fact, the only events this gift voucher is not valid for are the occasional fund raisers we do for charity (for obvious reasons) and other people’s private tours!  Everything else is fair game. Please read the terms and conditions carefully on your voucher to make sure you get your tours spots reserved well before tour dates.  (See below)

Sound good. How much do the vouchers cost?  The vouchers will be around €32 when purchased online,  €26 when purchased in cash and in person (at the beginning or the end of one of our tours). €30 when purchased from in person but not at the beginning or end of a tour.  This significantly lower prices is because direct sales saves us time.  Selling direct saves us significant money on shipping and postage costs,  and indeed saves us on-line sales commission charges.

Fair enough So how can I buy a gift voucher?    We will be inserting a “buy voucher” buy online feature onto this page soon. Hopefully some time in the first 6 weeks of 2017.  Until that function is up and running the only way to buy a voucher, and indeed this is also the most cost-effective way- is to buy a voucher from us directly, either 5-10 minutes before a Dublin Decoded tour, or just after a Dublin Decoded tour, when we usually have the vouchers available.  (Contact us prior to the tour to be sure, just mention vouchers in a brief email, and the date of tour)   But we will usually have a few vouchers on tours.

Once i have a gift voucher, say i have received one as a gift, how can I then look out for tours and events to attend?   All the normal ways!   via the Dublin Decoded Facebook page  the Dublin Decoded website or best of all,  our our superb and pithy monthly newsletter.  If you haven’t already subscribed to the newsletter then you can, and should do so here .

Thanks, and once I see a tour I want to attend, and already have my gift voucher, how do i make sure I get my spots on the tour?   Well, please do not buy extra tickets online, we can not refund them.  This voucher is  your ticket, so your tour is of course already paid in advance. Do however read the T&cs on your voucher.  (they are on the B&W side)  Do as per those instruction then please email us in advance,  to advise us you’re attending a tour or a event , so we can set your place aside.

(Some tours are limited numbers and we’ll need to issue /save you a ticket)   In your email please use a clear subject header (Name + date of the tour)  to make sure we pick up your email?

All this information is on the vouchers by the way and will make sense when you read it there. (The short simple T&Cs are on the B&W, reverse side of your vouchers)

We are very excited about these lovely new gift vouchers and hope they will make a few of you very happy, or indeed some family or friends you may already have in mind.  I’ll be outside that bookshop entrance Thursday.  You know where to look.   And please feel  free to share the good news.  Thanks everyone and very Happy Christmas shopping!    🙂





11 thoughts on “The great Dublin Decoded tour voucher on sale!

        1. ah, you’ll get over one day with luck. Make sure you let me know when you do, well in advance please, and I’ll plan ahead, and organize a public tour you can attend, gratis of course, and laid on entirely in your honour! I wouldn’t be surprised if we all got slightly lost afterwards, and accidentally wandered into a pub. You’d be amazed how easy that can happen in Dublin. 🙂


          1. You can’t know how much of a dream scenario that is. One of my sisters was going to move back to Ireland which would have been a good excuse to get over, then they changed their minds and it’s Spain now. Shame. Who wants to live in Spain? Everything is so monumentally difficult at the moment. Maybe once we’ve moved and the new house is habitable…


            1. Ahh, sounds like you & your man are in the same boat as myself and Una. We’re also buying and moving and it takes over absolutely all our time, effort, energy (and money!) Doubt we will be taking any nice holidays either next year or two. But we feel very lucky to have found a nice home (first time living together too, so its exciting) But you will get over to Ireland eventually. Meanwhile, Spain is not so bad you know! You’re maybe a bit blase about its attractions, perhaps because you live in lovely sunny historic France, studded with great architecture. But to me Spain sounds great. Think of those Visigothic churches in the North! I used to live in Catalunya Barcelona, many moons ago, but I’ve never been on Northern coast of Spain. But I’ve heard & read about them. (My mum was on a walking holiday there too, 6-7 years ago, in the Cantabrian mountains and Picos Europas.) If I went back to Spain I think that is the part i would explore now. And the food…. in Galicia, and in the Basque country… yum!! Go to Spain for short breaks next few years, then come to Dublin for a whole week when your new home is fully resolved. 🙂 It will all be great. 🙂


              1. We have friends in Galicia and all they do is run it down! I agree, it seems like the most interesting part of Spain if you prefer Celtibère to Moorish stuff. Maybe when everything is sorted we’ll have a holiday. Last one was four days in 2003 so we’re about due. The heroine in my WIP is called Una btw. Good luck with your nest-building 🙂


                1. Yes, some nest-building is lovely, and (in my life) long overdue. You do also sound like your holiday is overdue. Delighted your heroine called Una. Didn’t understand WIP (sorry, feel dumb) ) Is your WIP your most recent book? If so I’d like to buy and read it to my Una. Thank you for the good wishes, generous and appreciated.


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