Notes on a lecture – “High Treason” The background to the Casement painting by John Lavery

This excellent piece will be of particular interest to anyone who was on my recent private tour of the Creating History tour of the National Gallery (last Thursday 15/12/16) But anyone with an interest in 20thC Irish history will savour this.. Enjoy.

Broadsides - A collection of bits and pieces

Please note these are lecture notes designed for an illustrated lecture.  Not all the images used in the lecture are included in the notes and therefore the prose may appear a bit clunky at times.  The notes are probably more useful for delivery of the lecture than a straightforward read!   

High Treason by Lavery

In the early months of the first world war, by December  of 1914 Germany had captured thousands upon thousands of allied soldiers, French, Russian and British.  Amongst those captured from the British were over 2500 Irishmen from exclusively Irish Regiments, the Munster’s, The Leinsters, the Irish Guards, The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, The Connaught Rangers, the Royal Irish Rifles and the South Irish Horse.  Regiments predominately raised in the south of Ireland and whose soldiers were overwhelmingly of the Catholic faith.

They were held as prisoners of war in over a hundred different prison camps across the length and breadth of Germany.

For Sir Roger…

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