a busy April, with 4 very different events

a busy April, with four, very different events..

In terms of public scheduled tours for our members and guests, this April is shaping up to be the busiest in our history, with our improved Dublin Decoded website just relaunched.  And four, very different walking tours next month…

1- 11.30 morning of 08 April,
Kildare to Harcourt and the former Sinn Féin HQ.
The first hour of this this hybrid but strangely satisfying tour wanders and discusses the seemingly well-known area around Kildare, Dawson and Molesworth Streets and their adjoining lane ways.

Then for the second part of our tour, it’s around the edge of Stephen’s Green to No 6 Harcourt St.  Initially aristocratic Georgian Town house, then Victorian home for Cardinal Newman, later again HQ for Sinn Fein through the Revolutionary era of 1909-1922, (providing offices for Desmond Fitzgerald and Michael Collins among others)
No 6 is a remarkable building, with many stories to tell.

Our tour takes the approach of looking – to borrow a phrase from Dr. David Ulosoga – at a “House through Time”    More detail and tickets available here.

Foireann SF DF 1918-3 6 Harcourt St

above:  youthful looking Michael Collins and Desmond Fitzgerald with other Sinn Féin activists,  at the back of No 6 Harcourt St.  Photo from most likely in 1919.   One of many aspects of history we’ll explore on our South East gems and Harcourt St tour Sunday 08 April.  Tickets and more information here.


Grafton St Upper wide Harry St, Annes St

2- Grafton St. our newest tour.
11.30, Sunday 15th April.
Grafton St and immediate area is the location for the newest tour in our portfolio.   It debuts on Sunday 15th April.  But we’d barely scheduled it on EventBrite when nearly all the tickets sold out.  There are just 2 or 3 remaining as I write.  If you act fast, they should still be here.   But if you find they’ve gone, rest assured we will run the Grafton St tour again soon!   Please keep an eye out for our next Dublin Decoded newsletter, and also the one in May.  Or sign up for that monthly newsletter here.

And/or consider coming on this other fantastic April tour below instead…

WEDNESDAY 25th April
walk the Dubline  & visit a hidden Library:   from the Rates office to the Edward Worth Library.
Corn market – Thomas St – James St artery is along one of Ireland’s most ancient roads – the fabled Slí Mhór –  full of churches, vanished monasteries, historic breweries and distilleries, colleges, old factories and fire stations, with fascinating architecture and history.  We’re going to focus exclusively on this main artery, this single river of history.  We’re sure you’ll be familiar with much of the history on this tour. We’re also ready to wager you’ll hear some new stories too, as well as recent discoveries and one or two surprises.
The final 30 minutes of our tour then takes us inside the beautiful, hushed domain of the Dr. Edward Worth Library,  a collection of precious books assembled in the 1600s then bequeathed to the former and historic Dr Steveens’ Hospital.   You can see more detail and the all important tickets, on this link here.

Worth library

above:  an image of the beautiful Edward Worth Library, and a previous Dublin Decoded visit there.  Head librarian and curator Dr Elizabethann Boran explains the collection to our guests.  The final stop on our “Dubline ” walking tour of Wednesday, April 25


4  and one more thing..   Grangegorman, in partnership with the IGS + again once more in June.
There are at least 2 chances over the next 4 months. Firstly, I’m leading this route for the Irish Georgian Society (IGS) Sat 21st April.  This is NOT a Dublin Decoded event but rather run by the IGS,  so I won’t not be able to help or to field any inquiries (As I don’t control the tickets or list, or the bookings) Please direct inquiries if any, to the IGS.   But  you can find the Grangegorman IGS event here.

Again once more in June?   If you can not make the IGS Grangegorman walk 21/03/18, (or if it sells out before you read this) you may wish to put Saturday 23rd June in your diary.  We can’t release the tickets yet, but am fully committed to leading the same walk that date, and have a strong feeling we’ll be able to release additional tickets, 3-6 weeks ahead.

It’s also worth saying that we increasingly schedule events first on our new revamped tours website, over on Dublin Decoded.

Thank you for reading everybody.   We hope to see you on tour some time.

Arran Henderson | Dublin Decoded Tours.


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