new, live Zoom Art talks: a perfect Treat, and perfect Christmas Gift.

Following the success of our June and October Zoom architecture talks, we’ve decided to run a series of richly illustrated Zoom Art talks, starting just after Christmas, Tuesday 5th of January. For these talks I’m going back to my roots, so to speak, and to my first undergraduate degree and my first love. This is a series of talks on Art History and Appreciation, exploring famous old master artists, from Giotto through Raphael to Vermeer.

We will start at the birth of the Renaissance with Giotto, then look and talk our way through Massacio, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Jan van Eyck, Botticelli, Raphael, Caravaggio, Jan Vermeer, Canaletto and many more. Along the way we’ll meet some of the most legendary artists in history and try to get to grips with their astonishing achievements. We will learn about their lives and their artistic context, and try to see and understand them as their contemporaries first did, to comprehend the impact their art made in its own time, and the influence it exerted thereafter. Here are the 10 talks, they can be booked individually; or for a discount in two blocks of 5 talks, or indeed at a bigger discount in a block of 10 talks in 1 ticket. For no extra charge, it’s also possible to watch and listen to the talk on a recorded version, say if you miss the live version every Tuesday, or simply if you want to revisit and review the images, details, notes and ideas. In the meanwhile, here are the talks, and dates, starting with here are detail for the first half of the course, from Week 1 on Tuesday 05 of January to Week 5 Tues 02 of February. All live talks commence 2pm Irish Time each Tuesday. All will be available to view for all ticket holders, in recorded version, available from the following day and for 6 additional days after. Single Tickets can be purchased for any of the individual talks, or a Combined Ticket for a group of 5 or 10 Talks. See more below.

Week 1 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 5 January 2021:  –  Giotto, the Arena Chapel and the Dawn of the Renaissance.  Individual ticket available here.

Week 2 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 12 January  the Quattrocento: Masaccio and Uccello, Donatello and Brunelleschi.   Individual ticket available here.

Week 3 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 19 January: the Quattrocento continued: Fra Angelico, San Marco and the Medici. Individual ticket available here.

Week 4 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 26 January: the Northern masters: Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden & their peers. Individual ticket available here.

Week 5 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tues 02 February: the “Early-High” Renaissance in Italy: Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini. Individual ticket available here.

It’s also possible to purchase a discounted 5 talks-in-1 ticket, valid for the first 5 talks, here. Combined, discount ticket also available for second half of the course (valid from Talk 6 to Talk 10) Or alternatively, for those who like to jump with both feet, a 10-in-1 ticket, valid for all 10 talks also available. Please see below for all combined ticket options. Here are remaining details now, for the second half of the course, from Week 6 on Tuesday 09 of February to Week 10, Tues 9 of March.

Week 6 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 09 February: the Renaissance in Italy continued. Piero della Francesca, Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. Individual ticket available here.

Week 7 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 16 February: the High Renaissance in Italy, continued: Michelangelo and Raphael. Individual ticket available here.

Week 8 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time)  Tuesday 23 February: Italy and the Baroque in the 1600s: Caravaggio and of Artemisia Gentileschi; and the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Individual ticket available here.

Week 9 Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 02 March: Holland in the 1600s Rembrandt and Jan Vermeer.  Individual ticket available here.

Week 10, final Art Talk: 2pm (Irish Time) Tuesday 09 March: the Grand Tour Tradition in 1700s Italy, and the Art of Panini, Piranesi and Canaletto. Individual ticket available here.

All talks are €12.50 plus booking fee when purchased individually, as above.  Or purchase one of our 3 combined ticket options, at a saving of €12 to €30:

1- a combined 5-in-1 ticket, for the first 5 talks (Talk 1- Talk 5) at €50 + booking fee: Buy Part One 5-in One Ticket here.

2- a combined 5-in-1 ticket for the second half of the course, valid from Talk 6 to Talk 10: €50 + booking fee: Buy Part Two 5-in-1 ticket here.

3- the entire course, all 10 talks for €100 + booking (approx €30 saving, relative to individual tickets) Buy Full Course of 10 Talks -in One Ticket Here.

Please note, the first 5-in-one and the 10-in-1 ticket types are only available to purchase until 10AM the morning of Tuesday 05 of January. 

All above prices exclude booking fee (less than 9%).  All prices include access to the live talk 2pm on Tuesday, and to the illustrated recording of the same talk, accessible for an additional 6 days after the talk. This added feature is for those who either miss the talks, or who simply wish to return, to review the notes and images.   The access link for the recorded version of the talk is sent out within 24 hours of each Tuesday talk and then available to view that day + an additional 5 days.  Please note, it is not possible, regrettably, to view the material after the link expires, 6 days after it’s sent.  We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We look forward to seeing yo online for one or more of the talks. Or if you have a good friend or family member keen to learn more about Art, please please consider purchasing one or more talks as a gift?

Finally, please do help spread the word. Social media sharing buttons just below. Many Thanks.

10 online Art Talks, start Tuesday 5th of December. masterpieces fro around the world. The perfect Christmas gift?

5 thoughts on “new, live Zoom Art talks: a perfect Treat, and perfect Christmas Gift.

  1. You’re an indefatigable Renaissance man. So let me be an early adopter and by my wife a 10-pack for Christmas.
    Joan and Richard Martin
    Blackrock (Dundalk).
    Hope I can figure out how. !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Richard, How are you both? And let me say that I’m thrilled to have you and Joan both on board for these. I hope you like them. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Looking forward to seeing you both online soon in the New Year! I’m delighted! Very warm wishes- Arran.


  2. 2nd attempt
    Yes, I’d like to buy a 10-pack. I’ve clicked unsuccessfully as indicated. Good luck with the programme.
    Joan and Richard Martin
    Blackrock (Dundalk)


    1. HI Richard, apologies, very sorry to hea that. We only put these events up online today, so we are clearly having some problems with the links. Will you send me your email and I’ll post you the link once I’ve repaired and resolved that issue tomorrow?


    2. Also Richard could you please try pressing the Green “Book Now” button, and then, following the steps that way? (i.e. pressing on Art Zoom Talks, etc, after the Green button, a new window should open for you) That route should work. Please let me know if it doesn’t. Many thanks – Arran.


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