Four new Zoom talks: starting tomorrow Tuesday 6th October!

In response to the Covid crisis and its many restrictions, Dublin Decoded ran our first series of online history and architecture “virtual tour-talks” using the Zoom platform, last June.    The response was terrific, and we’re delighted to now announce a second series, looking at four more fascinating historical areas of Dublin..

Our talks take place live, at 2pm, every Tuesday afternoon in October, starting Tuesday 6th October.

People who attended any of our June walks know what to expect.   These talks aren’t exactly virtual tours, in the literal sense of a live camera, wandering along the streets.  But they are dynamic slide-talks: richly illustrated to be highly informative yet accessible, each designed and researched by guide, writer and local historian Arran Henderson, of Dublin Decoded tours. 

The talks are delivered live – via the medium of a Zoom call.   As well as seeing and listening to Arran deliver the material live on Zoom, each talk contains a rich and varied succession of contemporary and archival photographs, of historic maps, old topographical prints and engravings, with each image chosen to shed light on aspects of the city’s history and architecture. 

Over these 4 new talks we’ll explore and discuss..

Rathmines, Tuesday 6th of October; 2PM, tickets available here. 

Portobello (Tues 13th Oct) 2PM tickets available here. 

Ballsbridge (Tues 20th Oct), 2PM, tickets available here. 

and our last talk

Blackpitts, through Newmarket and Weaver Square, to Cork Street and the Coombe  Tuesday 27th October, at 2PM: tickets available here. 

Ticket Options?

Each talk costs €14 when booked individually.

Alternatively,  you may purchase a Four-talks in-One ticket, at a slight discount here – 

Although please note, this ticket type may only be purchased up to two hours before the first talk in the series. (On Rathmines, at 2pm on Tuesday 6th of October)

All the other tickets, when bought individually, can be purchased any time, from now, up until 2 hours before each respective talk (so Portobello on 13 October for example, or Ballsbridge on 20th October)

Hopefully some of you will be able to make one or two of the talks. We can promise you some stories and some surprises. For example, links in Portobello to an iconic film about Los Angles and to John Lennon of the Beatles. Or about the back of that huge church, that features so prominently on our image above. It’s the church in Rathmines. But did you know it has a secret message, coded into the stone work?

Join us tomorrow, if you want to know more!

You can also see all the details – with links again for all those different ticket options again- over on our Dublin Decoded Zoom page if you like.

Look forward to seeing some of you online!

2 thoughts on “Four new Zoom talks: starting tomorrow Tuesday 6th October!

    1. Hi Chrissy,
      thanks for the positive response. Appreciate that. We’ll certainly have a look at doing the talks at a later time at some stage. We are currently running real-life walking tours, at 5.30 in the evening, once a week, for precisely the reason you suggest, ie: to facilitate people with regular work hours. Those real life walks have been so successful that most of them are now sold out. When we schedule our Zoom calls we have a slightly older audience uppermost in our mind, since that older cohort is understandably nervous about venturing out, due to Covid. And we thought that, on balance, an afternoon start time 2pm) might be optimum for them. But it’s something we are constantly thinking about, and constantly keeping under review.

      Thank you again for your interest.
      Arran – Dublin Decoded Tours.


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