Dublin’s best history and architecture walking tours are back!

Our season of Public Walking Tours from Spring 2022 is listed below.   Many of these tours are available on an ongoing basis. Our schedule changes and is updated every 3-6 weeks. For bang-up-to-date tour listings, see our Dublin Decoded home page, here.

As always, our public tours feature our fantastic audio-receiver sets.  With a range of well over 60 meters, these sets allow each guest to walk at your own pace; allow enhanced social distancing; screen out background street noise, and vastly improve the sound quality and indeed, the entire tour experience.  No other Dublin walking tour firm does it;  but we do.   And the cost of this audio headset technology is included in your ticket price. All this, and Dublin’s best walking tours!

Here are the fantastic new Public tour dates we have coming up… starting straight away!

11.30AM, THURSDAY  10 MARCH:  ALL’ANTICA DUBLIN (SOUTH)  explores the influence of Classical Greece and Rome, and of Renaissance Italy, on the architecture of Georgian and Victorian Dublin.  We’ll explore, and learn the secrets behind, some of the finest 18t Georgian buildings in Dublin, including two of the buildings in the image just above! Direct link, to those tickets, here.

11.30 TUESDAY 15 MARCH    The second tour, just days later, is ALL’ANTICA DUBLIN  (NORTH) It also starts 11.30M and explores the exact same theme as above, but this time explores some of the stunning, classically-inspired buildings to the North of the river.  Tickets for that version and that tour date, are here.

Then we have two editions of one of our favourite tours, which we are running this year on the week of Saint Patricks Day in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, and meeting in the park in the shadow of the great Dublin cathedral named for him. See below…




On these two dates above, we explore the area just west of Saint Patrick’s cathedral.   Roam with us around the often-scruffy yet deeply historic, richly textured, always evolving area of the Liberties includes Blackpitts, Newmarket, Cork St, Meath St and the Coombe, a quarter of the city synonymous with the early industrial history of Dublin, from medieval watermills and underground rivers to tanning, brewing and distilling.   We touch on issues like revolution, philanthropic housing, architectural history, conservation and regeneration.  Please note that we are running this same tour twice: on the day before and the day after Patrick’s Day.   Tickets for both dates are on this link, so just use the calendar there to select the date you want? (3PM  WEDNESDAY, 16th March: OR 12PM (Noon) on FRIDAY, 18 March, and please note the very different start times!  

SAT 26th MARCH PLANNERS AND PROFESSORS –  Leeson St Lower, Hatch Street, Adelaide Road, Harcourt and Earlsfort Terraces, all with their smorgasbord of historic architecture, schools, colleges, hospital, churches, private chapel, and synagogue architecture, make the backdrop for this tour. We’ll explore the architecture, as well as how health, education, universities and modern development have all shaped this area and its architecture.    This event often sells out extra quickly.  Please buy your tickets here.

SUN 27th MARCH: (Mothers’ Day)   HUESTON TO FOUR COURTS.   featuring the city quays and a number of deeply historic bridges; several vanished buildings, Dublin’s most architecturally-distinguished railway terminus; the vast Collins Barracks complex, the architectural history of Blackhall Place; the historic markets and recent redevelopment of Smithfield, the glory of James Gandon’s Four Courts, and much more.   Tickets for HUESTON TO FOUR COURTS starting 11.30AM, SUN 27th MARCH:  may be found here.

FRIDAY 08TH APRIL:  WALKING TOUR OF PORTOBELLO .  Featuring secret Beatles and Hollywood history, vanished waterways, social, artistic and literary history, and of course, discussion of Dublin’s rich Jewish experience.  Takes place at 2PM, FRIDAY 08TH APRIL. Tickets may be found here.   

SATURDAY 09TH of APRIL, sees the very best way to learn about medieval Dublin, by walking a  full circuit of the old MEDIEVAL CITY WALLS , whether they are still visible above ground or not!    We use it as a way to explore and discuss the churches, monasteries, taverns and guild halls, the invasions, rebellions, plagues, and catastrophic fires, that all made up Dublin’s colourful, often brutal medieval life.   Tickets for this Medieval peregrination may be found here. 

(See tour Images for Medieval Wall and other tours lower down on page!)

SATURDAY 23RD APRIL we have our superb WEST OF CAPEL STREET tour,  a voyage of discovery around the quays, long-vanished market places, forgotten medieval monasteries, old prisons and courthouses that all dot this remarkable district of Dublin just North of the River.  Tickets may be found here.

Further notes, as tours sell out, we sometimes add new tours and new tour dates.   So if you are seeing lots of sold-out tours, please check back a few days before your visit, to see any if any new events are taking place?

For people who would like alerts on these popular public tours, we highly recommend subscribing to our free monthly newsletter here.. (and then don’t forget to acknowledge the confirmation email, which you will receive straight away!)  

And finally remember,  Private tours, meaning a tour exclusively for your own group, on a date of your choosing, are always possible too.    To book a Private tour, on any available date, of your own choosing-  hit the green “Book Now” button onscreen; but then choose Private Tours from the pop-up menu, then choose your preferred tour, date and start time, from the available options.

For everyone else, we look forward to seeing on one or more of our scheduled Public tours in Spring 2022!  It has been too long!

Arran Henderson.

South William Street, in Dublin;s South City centre is home to important 18t century Georgian buildings like the Powerscourt Town House and the City Assembly hall, both seen here in James Malton’s fabulous image from the 1790s. . Visits to both buildings feature prominently in our ALL’ANTICA DUBLIN (SOUTH) tour on 11.30AM, THURSDAY  10 MARCH!
above: Parnell Square, depicted here by Malton in the 1790s, features on our All’Antica NORTH tour Tuesday 15 MARCH Tickets via Link above Dublin All’Antica NORTH.

The dense networks of streets, squares and lanes around the Liberties just west of Saint Patrick’s cathedral were home to centuries of Tanning, Milling, Brewing and Distilling. We explore it all, and much more, in our two tours 16th and 18th March: Patrick’s Park to Blackpitts, Newmarket, etc. Don’t miss it!

Leeson St Lower, Hatch Street, Adelaide Road, Harcourt and Earlsfort Terraces is the setting for the brilliant PLANNERS AND PROFESSORS walk in Saturday, 26th MARCH.
Hueston Station, built as the terminus and HQ of the Great Southern, is the most architecturally distinguished of all Dublin stations. It is both the meeting pint and the first stop on our HUESTON TO FOUR COURTS walk, taking place on SUNDAY 27th MARCH.

walking a full circuit of the old MEDIEVAL CITY WALLS – seen here in John Speed’s famous 1610 map- is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to understand more about Medieval Dublin. Join us at 11.230, on SATURDAY 09TH of APRIL!

Capel Street and Capel Street Bridge (formerly Essex Bridge) feature in our WEST OF CAPEL STREET tour, SATURDAY 23RD APRIL.

One thought on “Dublin’s best history and architecture walking tours are back!

  1. I’ve just been on Arran’s tour of Leeson street Adelaide road and Harcourt terrace and was utterly fascinated by it. I looked, through his eyes, at buildings that I had seen many times before and found a completely new and absorbing building full of hidden history. So worthwhile and fascinating

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