4 fantastic history & architecture walks

With our Spring season now well under way, Dublin Decoded would like to advise our guests and friends, and indeed, potential first time guests, that we have four of our very best walks coming up in the next 18 days or so, including two very special walks this next weekend! As always, these public tours feature our fantastic audio-receiver sets.  With a range of over 60 meters, these audio receiver are a game-changer: they screen out background street-noise, deliver perfect sound quality, and crucially, allow each guest to walk at their own pace.  This is all included in your ticket price.

Our next public walk, which anybody is very welcome to join, runs on SAT 26th MARCH. It is a fun and a relatively new walk we call  “PLANNERS AND PROFESSORS” It explores the beautiful area of Dublin (illustrated in a 1930s map above) that includes the southern side of Saint Stephen’s Green; nearby Leeson Street Lower; Hatch Street; Earlsfort Terrace; Harcourt Terrace and Adelaide Road. This is an area absolutely studded with fascinating buildings, including 18th century Georgian mansions; various historically important 19th century school, college, university and hospital buildings; several Victorian churches and chapels, and also from the 19th century, the first ever purpose-built synagogue in Dublin. We will use it all to both look at the architecture, and learn about the history which lies behind it all.

This “PLANNERS AND PROFESSORS” Walking tour takes place very soon, 11AM, Saturday, 26th March. Like all our public events, you can see further details, and the ticket links (subject to availability) on the public tours page of our website. Or, if you’ve already heard enough, you can use the direct ticket link: here.

For those looking for something different, or who want to explore the quays and the area just North of the river Liffey, we are also running another walking tour the very next day, Sunday 27th. HUESTON TO FOUR COURTS is a walking tour that explores the city quays and a number of bridges along the quays with much very interesting and little known history! It also features several vanished buildings, Dublin’s most architecturally-distinguished railway terminus Hueston; the vast Collins Barracks complex, the architectural history of Blackhall Place; the historic markets and the recent redevelopment of Smithfield, the Georgina masterpiece that is James Gandon’s Four Courts, and much, much more. We very rarely run tours on a Sunday by the way. So this is a collectors’ item! if you are looking for a Sunday outing, or for a fun cultural excursion for Mothers Day, this is rare chance for both. Like all our public events, you can see the details and ticket links on the public tours page of our website. Or, if you’ve heard enough, you can use the specific direct link to the HUESTON TO FOUR COURTS tickets, here.

We have no public tours the weekend of Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd of April. But we most certainly do the following weekend…

FRIDAY 08TH APRIL:  WALKING TOUR OF PORTOBELLO .  This is a really fun tour! Featuring secret Beatles and Hollywood history, vanished waterways, much social, artistic and literary history, and of course, discussion of Dublin’s rich Jewish experience.  This is a Friday afternoon tour. It takes place at 2PM on FRIDAY the 08TH APRIL. Don’t miss it. Direct ticket link here

The next day – SATURDAY 09TH of APRIL is a rare chance to experience our famous MEDIEVAL CITY WALLS  walk. We believe this is the very best- and most enjoyable way- to learn about medieval Dublin, by walking a  full circuit of the old CITY WALLS, whether they’re still visible above ground or not!    This tour has a fun, “treasure-hunt” appeal to it, as we hand out maps to guests, so everyone can hunt down and work out exactly the ancient walls once went, relative to our modern streets and buildings.

We’ll also use the circuit as a sort of “story-line” to explore and discuss the churches, monasteries, taverns and guild halls, and the various invasions, rebellions, plagues, and catastrophic fires, that all made up Dublin’s colorful, often brutal medieval life.   Everybody loves this walk and its not difficult to work out why. It starts at 11am, Saturday 9th of April and like the other tours mentioned above, it does often sell out. Tickets may be found directly, here.

the extraordinary area, full of hidden history secrets, explored in our Hueston to Four Courts tour, this Sunday 27th March
the Portobello area in the mid-19th century before it was developed with closely packed redbrick terraces just a few decades later.
John Speed’s famous map of Dublin from 1610 (with later coloring) clearly showing the old city walls. Come explore them with us at 11am, on Saturday 9th of April!

2 thoughts on “4 fantastic history & architecture walks

  1. Trying to book walking tour for 9th of April to walk Dublin City medieval walls. Site not responding Mícheál Shanley


    1. Hi Mícheál,
      many tanks for your message, and sorry it has taken me a couple of days to get back to you. Sorry to hear you are having trouble booking. I just pressed on that link myself, and it appears to be working. Other people have booked successfully there, in the last few days. The trick is to click on the date on the calendar, when the tour appears. there is only one such date, for this particular tour, Saturday 09 April. Its not enough to press on that date alone though, you also have to hit the little arrow head, to select the amount of tickets you wish to purchase.
      Hope you’re able to navigate through it Mícheál, I know online systems can be annoying, and sometimes unclear.
      The good news is we do still have spaces left, on that medieval tour on Saturday, and obviously we’d love to have you on it.

      very best wishes- Arran


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