Dublin’s Egyptian Glory…. The newest quiz, from Hidden Dublin tours.

In the next few days, after an absence of a few weeks,  we will resume our study of Dublin with a series of posts, talks, tours and quizes.   We have several quizes lined up, on different themes of history and architecture  (and history and architecture combined)   as well as guided tours and discussions.

But to get things started, first a small quiz.   Five questions below for you.   As before,  answers can be submitted via the comments button please.    (don’t be scared to guess!)

Please note:  all answers will be read and responded to, but following good feedback from the last quiz,  I’ve made the decision not to publish the answers this time until the answer deadline early next week.    At that stage we will publish all answers, (unless requested otherwise)  all at once!

We will also of course announce the answers and the winners the same day.

Good luck, and enjoy…

Question 1. –  Can you name the this building?

2- Can you name the this building?

Q.3-  Can you name the this building, or at least its location?

And Q.4-   where does this beautiful and stylish piece of architectural detailing come from?

And finally,  5-  this building, below?    Name/function of the building and the name of street please…

6 thoughts on “Dublin’s Egyptian Glory…. The newest quiz, from Hidden Dublin tours.

  1. I’m editing out peoples answers here, so everyone can have a shot at doing the quiz. But I will reveal that Ossian and Martin B. were both correct about number 3. Well done chaps. Anyone going to give me a clean sweep.. and get 5 from 5 ?


  2. 1. N………….Facing …. St.
    2. B……….. off C………H. .l
    3. W……. R…. S…., ……. Rd
    4. R…….A….. B…….., ……..St
    5. D. of …………., K……. St


  3. Gwad, no sooner do you throw down the gauntlet, than who should step up that Ossian Smyth, who…
    Aces the Quiz, with 5 from 5 correct.

    As you see above I have concealed his answers, just to let a few more people have a crack.
    Still, just to confirm Ossian, all 100 % correct. NIce work matey.

    Still, this is just the warm-up rounds, going to throw a few tougher ones at you all the next few weeks.
    Watch this space.


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