Graffiti of San Telmo

Since the Tour of Decorative Details was popular yesterday, here is another look back, to Buenos Aires. At Graffiti this time. Daubed, stencilled, sprayed and painted, all around my old home district of scruffy but historic and delightful San Telmo. Enjoy the pictures.

Arran Q Henderson

When I went for my first proper  San Telmo walk 5 weeks ago, not nocturnal for once but in hard, bright sunlight,   I didn’t know what to look at, the lovely old buildings, the people or th blue sky.

What grabbed my attention most forcefully in the end was the Graffiti.     Here is a sample for you.

My ignorance is still astounding.  I don’t know if these are two old tango or mionga legends or Juan & Evita Peron.

(Maybe one of my Argentine friends could enlighten me ?)    But this small but brillaint stencil was sprayed onto and on top of  a much

larger, previous work,   of a brilliantly toothy, big, blue pig.    The blue triangle, coming into the frame above, is his ear.

Toothy Blue Pig…. and bright orange Bin.

Toothy Blue Pig…. and bright orange Bin,  in context,  wide shot.

Mysterious,  chiaroscuro girl.

Stick-legged Beetle…

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