Flight Lines

here, for the first time ever on arranqhenderson, I re-blog a post by a fellow WP writer and photographer I really admire. Not that there haven’t been many others before I admire, – there most ceratinly have (yo may well be one of them) But I had this dumb misconception, until recently that re-blogging was a lazy way to post. Yes, dumb, I know. Now I’ve sen the light and rather see it as a great way to showcase talent, and posts, on related topics i feel passionate about: be it history, architecture, art, landscape or Dublin itself. Aileen’s wrok certainly deserves a wider audience I think you’ll agree. Her theme here, Bull Island, almost known as Dollymount Strand, is a place very, very close to my heart. We have history, this island and I! But that’s another day’s story. In the meanwhile, I present to you this lovely piece by Aileen. Dear Readers, enjoy….


The beach stretches in front of you: 800 metres wide and five kilometres long. At 6.30 a.m. it’s mostly empty, although when you arrived, you met a handful of early risers in the car park.

(A man glanced at your camera and asked, “Anything special today?” He thought you were a birdwatcher or a photographer. But you know very little about birds and don’t have the right equipment to photograph them.)

You’ve come here to walk.

When you step onto the sand, you think about the island’s origins, its emergence after the building of the Bull Wall in the 1820s. It seems impossibly fast to you: a single generation to build an island and a beach.

You remember coming here when you were a child, back when you thought the island had always existed. You remember sitting in the family car, the thunk of wheels on the wooden bridge…

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3 thoughts on “Flight Lines

    1. Yes, isn’t it? Really love Aileen’s work; the atmosphere, observation and perception evident in both pictures and words. Delighted you enjoyed, as i say above she deserves a wider audience. Thanks to you, very much for taking the time to comment here too, extremely thoughtful.


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