The Things I see…

Arran Q Henderson

the following is a collection of images, collected over the last Open House weekend,  last November, 4-5 months ago,  from various walks, talks, visits and peregrinations during that lovely weekend…     A few of these i’ll post on at some future point, but for now perhaps the images speak better for themselves.   Taken together, they help explain why we love this city,  and love learning about it and exploring it…

We start with the interior of private house, beautifully restored, (the 2 pictures just below)   



Above:  from a private house 1, post-restoration, North city Centre.

Below, pictures,then we move to an exhibition by architects, staged in a semi-derelict house, on the same street.mostly featuring an exhibition of conceptual architectural models & projects. Different private house, pre-restoration, but same street,  North city Centre.





I especially liked this model, (above, & below)   -the shifting parallax, & the lovely stark minimalism of it…

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