Family & kids’ Treasure Hunt of Temple Bar Saturday 27 May.

Designed and led by educationalist and art historian Arran Henderson, this unique activity combines traditional Treasure Hunt fun with an extra art-historical twist!   Our “treasures”  are  architectural decoration and decor “hidden in plain site”  on the historic buildings of Temple Bar.  As you’ll discover, they can be anything from fish; horses, lions; dragons, to swords; stars and miniature bicycles, scattered around the streets and buildings throughout this historic district. Kids and adults alike love finding them.  Many have amazing stories behind them too. But you have to know where to look!

That’s where we come in. We’ve chosen around 20 of our favourite images from around the area and have written clues to help you find them. We”ll equip you with a set of these clues and our special map to help find them, plus some questions to answer, to prove you’ve found them!   Our map and clues will guide you to the secret Temple Bar locations.  Once you find each location you’ll have to use your own eyes.  Then answer a question to prove you’ve found each treaure.  You’ve an hour with your team or family group, to find as many treasures as you can.

Your guides Arran and Mitzi will be around the area keeping an eye on you.  (Even giving an occasional clue, but only if a team looks very stuck!)  Along with your clues, questions, and a map we’ll explain how to do the hunt, then you have an hour before we meet to find as many treasures as you can!   That’s when we all meet up again. There will be a chance to visit a restroom, to grab a coffee or hot chocolate. Then we’ll go through the questions in the Treasure Hunt together, to find out who got the most right answers. There’ll be a prize for the winners!  For more important information and the tickets, read and see below the pictures…

above: some images from our two Temple Bar Kids’ Treasure Hunts we run for Dublin New Year Festival late December 2016. 

Through the Great Temple Bar Treasure Hunt you’ll discover an amazing, rich world of overlooked decorative detail. To see how much other visitors and families enjoyed it, read some of our rave reviews on our page on Trip Advisor. (You will find them there under our company name “Dublin Decoded” on Trip Advisor)  Or to buy tickets now, please follow the link below but note the two separate types of tickets, one for adults, another for kids. Children (€7) / Adults €12, including booking fees.  Please note the max 4 kids per 1 adult if kids under 13 years old.  Please take time to read all the information on  in the ticket page, which includes our meeting up time and place, a useful map and some simple Ts &Cs.  The useful map at the very foot of the ticket page shows our exact meeting point.  Each person on the Treasure Hunt must have their own tickets please.   It is not necessary to print out the tickets -let’s save the trees-  a show on the screen of your phone is fine thank you.

We look forward to seeing you there!  You’ll find adults and kids tickets,  and all your other information on the ticket page link, here.

This family and kids’ treasure hunt is a public event and everyone is welcome.  It takes place 27th May 2017.  Duration 75 minutes for the Hunt and 25 minutes for the answers, with a short break in between.  There’s a separate and longer grown-ups version (where we discuss the answers in a walking tour after the treasure Hunt) This takes place April 29th (2017)  Again this is a public event and everyone is welcome. Tickets for the longer grown-ups version can be purchased on this separate link here 

Treasure hunts also available for a company or corporate group private bookings.  To inquire about booking a private treasure hunt for a company or corporate group please see below at foot of this page,  thank you.


Company or corporate group private bookings.  Treasure hunts are also available for a company or corporate group private bookings.  To inquire about booking a private treasure hunt for a company or corporate group please write an email to us at with your approximate numbers and your preferred date please.  To ensure a speedy reply please use the words Private Treasure Hunt in the subject header, thank you.

Please note we are not always able to respond to inquiries about public tours as all the information is on our website and/or our ticket pages.   Please note we rarely schedule events more than 6 weeks in advance.  If you wish to know and receive notifications when future Dublin Decoded events are taking place, in good time to book on, please join our mailing list for the free monthly newsletter. The easy sign-up form is here.




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    Don’t forget, history and architecture lovers, and the junior explorers among you! – we’ve got this unique event coming up this Saturday 27th! People were raving about about the last two editions on TripAdvisor and other platforms, grab the family and join in to see why for yourselves….


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