Family & kids’ Treasure Hunt of Temple Bar Saturday 27 May.

Don’t forget, history and architecture lovers, and the junior explorers among you! – we’ve got this unique event coming up this Saturday 27th! People were raving about about the last two editions on TripAdvisor and other platforms, grab the family and join in to see why for yourselves….

Arran Q Henderson

Designed and led by educationalist and art historian Arran Henderson, this unique activity combines traditional Treasure Hunt fun with an extra art-historical twist!   Our “treasures”  are  architectural decoration and decor “hidden in plain site”  on the historic buildings of Temple Bar.  As you’ll discover, they can be anything from fish; horses, lions; dragons, to swords; stars and miniature bicycles, scattered around the streets and buildings throughout this historic district. Kids and adults alike love finding them.  Many have amazing stories behind them too. But you have to know where to look!

That’s where we come in. We’ve chosen around 20 of our favourite images from around the area and have written clues to help you find them. We”ll equip you with a set of these clues and our special map to help find them, plus some questions to answer, to prove you’ve found them!   Our map and clues will…

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