superb images, from a guest on a Northside Dublin walking tour.

Below are some images from our recent North side Dublin walking tour (the Hugh Lane to Grangegorman walk, Saturday 13th May).  They were taken by one of our guests, Mike Quill, who then very kindly sent them on the following day.  As you can imagine, when we saw them, we were delighted. Apart from the generally superior quality in terms of clarity, focus, framing, and composition, Mike clearly has an eye for the telling detail.  Combined with proper photographic gear (notably a telescopic lens!) it means he was able to zero in and capture the sort of details that make this whole area of Dublin so beguiling.  Mike has captured exactly why I love Dublin so much – dirty and disheveled, frustrating and dysfunctional as it often is.  It’s the sculptures, and decorative details, the dates on buildings and masons’ marks, the little allegorical and symbolic details that adorn historic buildings, that make every old city a readable “text”   It’s all that, and the old Georgian window and door cases, the mix of Dublin’s urban grit and its grand, decaying beauty, that get us excited, and forms much of what we try and impart on our tours.

I’ve mixed Mike’s photos into a tiled mosaic immediately below.  Under that you can see them all again in a simpler, clearer slideshow mode.  Enjoy.

These photos may not be used for any commercial purpose.  Any personal or purely educational use is fine but please, play fair and tag pictures as “Dublin Decoded tours, photo credit Mike Quill” and provide a link to this site.  Thank you.   For those who might wish to hear about future walks, there’s a link to our mailing list, to get notifications of our events each month, at the foot of this page.  But directly below is the slide show of Mike’s pictures.   Enjoy !

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Arran Henderson runs from 1 to 3 historical/architectural Dublin Decoded walking tours each month. (Two is the average number)  Typically one is on a week day (mid-afternoon usually if its a Mon-Friday event)  and the other walk is on a Saturday or Sunday,  (These typically starting mid-morning)  In addition we sometimes run Treasure Hunts and occasionally an Art or symbol reading workshop at the National Gallery of Ireland.  If you’d like to know when these events are going ahead, in time to book a spot and take part, please sign up to our free newsletter, here.

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