summer Wednesday walks for Irish Georgian Society

Once again this year I’m delighted and honoured to be leading a number of summer city walking tours for the venerable Irish Georgian Society.

When are they?  First walk each runs on the first Wednesday afternoon of June, then the first Wednesday of July, then finally of August.  All are on a Wednesday, the first Wednesday of each month and They all begin at 2.15pm in the afternoon.  Dates, descriptions and meet points are all below. Both non-members, as well obviously as members of the IGS are all very welcome.  Everybody is most welcome, so please come and join us. You will find the walks sociable as well as highly informative.

Please note walks 2 and 3 last approx 2 hours approx, but the first tour, the Grangegorman tour in June is a longer route, so, depending on pace and level of conversation, may well last up to 2 hours 50 minutes or even a fraction longer. If you are joining us therefore, please be prepared for a longer tour on this route!  Although don’t be put off. I suspect the real urban explorers among you will love the astonishing area, and the whole experience.  We’ve run this tour twice for Dublin Decoded in the last 8 months, each tour sold out and on both occasions the reactions was phenomenal. People couldn’t quite get over how much historic material is in this area, the sheer scale of it and how little they’d known about it.  So come see what you’ve been missing.  This tour is unique, and comes highly recommended.

Each tour-description below has a link to the events page on the Irish Georgian Society Website Events page to tickets there. Please note the walks are IGS events (not Dublin Decoded events) so Dublin Decoded walks/Treasure hunt vouchers are not valid for these events. Please purchase a ticket via the links and support the fantastic work the IGS do, protecting our priceless architectural heritage since 1958. Please purchase the correct ticket type. Tickets €20 IGS members/ €25 non –members.

  •  Tour 1 (our June Tour) Wednesday 7 June 2.15pm pm : Grangegorman Tour:

from outside the Hugh Lane Gallery through hidden corners of the North inner city, then on to Upper Dominick St, Henrietta St; Kings inns, Constitution Hill, and finally on to the extraordinary new DIT campus in Upper Grangegorman. Featuring architecture and social history and transport history, and penal history, various penal and other institutions, including a fever hospital, workhouses, Francis Johnston’s women’s penitentiary and many others fascinating remnants of architecture and archeology. We will explore and discuss how this entire remarkable area remained essentially hidden from view from generations.  How only now, it is being made a visible and viable part of Dublin city, notably through huge infrastructure projects in transport and education. A tour full of surprises.

Walk Starts: Outside Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Sq North.

Ends: DIT Campus, Grangegorman Rd (between the North Circular Road and North King Street)

Please buy your ticket/ tickets in advance –here.

  •  Tour 2 (our July Tour) Wednesday 5 July 2.15 : Ballsbridge tour (Ballsbridge: in architecture and in revolution) meeting at and starting from the front of the RDS (Merrion Road) then proceeding along Merrion Road, through Pembroke Road, Pembroke Gardens, Mary’s Road, Northumberland Road, and Mount Street Bridge. This tour is a unique but enjoyable mix of politics, rebellion, philanthropy, history and architecture.

Walk Starts: outside the RDS, Merrion Road.

Walk Ends: Haddington Road.

Please buy your ticket/ tickets in advance , IGS members and/or non-members,  –here.


  • Tour 3 (our August Tour) Wednesday 2 August 2.15pm : A walking tour of the Liberties focusing on the former medieval city walls, the historic Liberties and fragments of medieval and Early Modern Dublin, an exploration of the architecture, social, industrial and economic history unique to the Liberties district of Dublin.

Walks Starts: outside the gates of the Upper Yard of Dublin Castle.

Walk Ends: Echlin Street, Liberties.

Please buy your ticket/ tickets in advance  Buy ticket/ IGS members or non-members, both welcome –here.

We look forward to welcoming you on tour this summer and to supporting the incredible, invaluable and tireless work of the Irish Georgian Society.

Arran Henderson (Dublin Decoded)


Picture credits for the title image, and for all photos below are all picture credit Mike Quill. Not to be reproduced without permission of the photographer.





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