Public Walking Tours, relaunched!

After the Covid Lock-down, we are now relaunching our public walking tours, focusing on exclusively outdoor tours for July and August, with different tour routes on new dates.  We’ll also be trialing new microphone and earpiece technology, to allow superior sound and allow more social distancing, to keep you safe.   The extra cost of this technology is included in your ticket price.   But that’s not all.  We have several exciting new tours into the bargain…

Rail, River, Army & Commerce:  (featuring transport and engineering; the Army Barracks; two great Churches; Justice, Commerce & the Law)

The Kingsbridge (now Heuston) Station, with its Italianate palazzo style architecture is often considered the most distinguished of Dublin’s great Railway termini.  We’ll start with a close up look.  Then we’ll cross the wonderful Seán Heuston bridge over the river to Croppy Acre;  where we’ll contemplate the tragic heroism of 1798.  Then its on to Collins Barracks with its massive parade ground.   From there we explore the side streets one block back from the river, viewing Blackhall Place, the former  “Bluecoat” school.  Then Smithfield, with its history of drovers and distillers; an the richly historic St Michan’s Church, finishing at the majesty of James Gandon’s Four Courts.

As with all Dublin Decoded tours, expect architecture, design and engineering history, along with notes on politics, literature, revolution and more!

Two Dates for this route, with two different start times and two different prices:

1- Saturday 11 July.  Time:  12pm (noon)-  to 1.45pm (approx)   To book tickets for Saturday 11 July at €22 per person, ex-booking fee (but includes audio headset, and your own single-use individually wrapped ear piece) please go here.

and 2-  Wednesday 15th July 2PM,  at €18 per person.   To book tickets for Wednesday 15 July.   ex-booking fee (but includes audio headset, and your own single-use individually wrapped ear piece) please go here.

Or hit the Green book button any time.  As this is a mid-week event, which typically have lower numbers,  this should be a particularly nice, relaxed Wednesday afternoon activity.  We may even go for a pint with some of our guests after this walk!

Meet Point for Saturday 11 July and  Wednesday 15th July- please meet along the river Liffey side of Heuston Station  (See also map below)  Please check the start times on your tickets.  Different dates have different start times.  Always check the details on your email/ confirmation ticket, thank you.

Further tours on SUNDAY 19 July, and Wednesday 24th July…

Bridge Street to Fishamble via the River and Liberties: the long way round!

Bridges, Quaysides, Revolution, Architecture, Medieval Dublin and the Liberties.

Two Dates, two different start times, and two different prices:

The river and bridges, then uphill and south to Thomas St,  west to east along Thomas St, discussing monasteries, distilleries, architecture, art and revolution.  Then St Audoen’s Churches, new City park and City Walls; on to Winetavern and Fishamble Streets:

Bridge Street then west along river, with historic quays and river.   Including an appreciation of the Father Mathew, Mellows and O’Donovan Rossa Bridges (the three “old ladies of Dublin”) and the Four Courts again, before we head briefly west along the quays (with earpieces in place)  to view Ushers Island, the James Joyce bridge, Ushers St and Then South, uphill away away from the river through the Liberties up to Thomas Street, with its rich history and magnificent buildings, several which have recently been magnificently restored.

At the Cornmarket and Newgate area, we will look at the two St Audoen’s churches, including the oldest functioning church in Dublin, and the wonderfully refurbished and re-landscaped St Audoen’s park beside it.   From there we will examine the largest,  surviving stretch of the medieval city wall, as well as St Audoen’s gate, the last of Dublin’s ancient city gates to stand intact.   We will then proceed east again to Winetavern Street, then conclude our tour at Fishamble Street, at the western end of Temple Bar, two of the most ancient thoroughfares in Dublin, both densely layered with over one and a half millennia of history.

1- SUNDAY 19 July.  Time:  12pm (noon)-  to 2pm (approx)  at €22 per person, ex-booking fee (but includes audio headset, and your own single-use individually wrapped ear piece)  Tickets for this 12pm Sunday walk here. 

and 2-  FRIDAY 24th July starting 2pm sharp,  ending 4pm approx). Tickest at reduced weekday price:  €18.50 per person, ex-booking fee (but includes audio headset, and your own single-use individually wrapped ear piece)  Tickets for this 2pm Friday walk here. This should be a nice, relaxed Friday afternoon activity.  We expect to go for a pint with some of our guests after this walk!


Meet Point for SUNDAY 19 July, and Wednesday 24th July tours: outside Hicken Lighting at the River end of Bridge Street.  See map.  Please note the different start times for the two tour dates.   (Correct times always on your ticket confirmation email, please check details on your email confirmation ticket well before departure!  Thank you.

Images below:  Heuston station; the old Kingsbridge (now Seán Heuston bridge);  a stretch of the Liffey Quays; 19th century St Paul’s Church; a part of the medieval City Walls; an old 1700s map, showing the section of the Liberties we’ll explore on the 19th and again on the 24th;  the medieval St Audoen’s Church (CoI) above the ancient city wall and gate, now sitting in a beautifully, newly restored park. Medieval St Audoen’s Church and the new park there;   Arran with guests on a recent tour.  

Hueston Station River Walk 2 image copyright Arran Henderson and Dublin DEcoded

Sean Hueston Bridge

Dublin Decoded walk with Arran 19 & 24 July 2020





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    1. Hi Breda, please go directly to our website Dublin Decoded . com and once there please navigate to the Public Tours Page of that website. You will be able to book from there. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Best wishes – Arran.

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