Always nice to get some press. Especially this press.

Photo and Caption only from Irish Times piece Wed 24 Thurs 24 JUne 2020

Dublin Decoded has featured on radio and in many newspapers, including the Journal (Dublin); the Dublin Inquirer;  the Wall Street Journal (link here); the Financial Times and of course, Arran has also written extensively himself, most notably his well-known monthly columns in “Totally Dublin” during the 2000s, Hidden Dublin.   However, it was a particular thrill to appear yesterday in the Irish Times, especially in Frank McNally’s consistently excellent, and much-loved Irishman’s Diary.  ( For overseas readers, this long running column appear on the letters and editorial page, and is one of the mainstays, a veritable institution, of our newspaper of record here.)

An added, extra satisfaction for me persoanlly was that Frank McNally’s predecessor in this role (way back in the 1940s and 50s) was the legendary Flann O’Brien,  a literary hero of mine and many others and – according to some of the most discerning judges-  the finest comic writer in English language of the 20th century.    In any case, Mr McNally did us proud.    As far as I know his column fro yesterday is not protected behind a paywall,  so you should be able read it here .

Top section and banner only from Irish Times piece Wed 24 Thurs 24 JUne 2020

11 thoughts on “Always nice to get some press. Especially this press.

    1. We were so luck to get that coverage from Frank McNally. He is such a great writer, and such gentleman, he really is. Thanks Roisin to you too, for being such a great support and ally. Really appreciate it!


  1. Wonderfull story. I enjoy Franks story and read his column in Irish times. And thanks for The great walking tours On Tuesday. I will follow gain for the fifth and last time next Tuesday,great and I love Dublin streets and great stories.
    Best regards and a nice weekend
    Kai Rasmussen
    Copenhagen Denmark 👍❤️☘️☘️😷

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    1. Thank you so much Kai, that’s great to hear. Also delighted that you and I both share a love of Frank’s excellent, endlessly funny column in the IT! Thank you also for following and attending our series of slide Zoom talks. It was a new venture for us, so I’m relieved, and absolutely delighted you’ve enjoyed them. Thank you very much for for taking the time to write and say that. I really appreciate it.
      Yours, with very best wishes- Arran.


      1. Dear arron.
        Thanks a Lost. I’ve enjoy The walking tours in Dublin White sigtning in mynchair and må lap top. In these dans it’s wonderfull Idea amd i felt like be in The Streets of Dublin again.
        I’ve ben to Ireland more than 15 times and ben waiting 2 boks For students ( age 16-19) In danisk secondary School ( gymnasium)
        I Will contact you next time I arrive in Ireland. If it’s ok
        Have a Nice day all The best
        Kai Rasmussen👍❤️☘️☘️🇩🇰

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        1. Hi Kai, I’m only seeing this message now. I’m delighted you enjoyed the Zoom talks. I did not realise you were a teacher and a writer. nor that you are such a frequent visitor to Dublin. And yes of course, absolutely, feel free to contact me the next time you are coming here. You can get me at Look forward to seeing you in Dublin some time. Very best wishes- Arran.


          1. Hi arran. Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes I enjoy all five trips around Dublin and a lot of new sights and places.
            Sorry for my English with this modern technology Aka a computer.
            I don’t know when I’ll be in Dublin next time, difficold these days.
            All the best
            Kai Rasmussen 👍❤️☘️

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    1. Hi Dale, Try Dun Laoghaire County Council, they are the ones who now protect and maintain this amazing site. If you would like to do a Dublin Decoded tour of art and/or architecture in Dublin City Centre some time, we will be resuming walking tours again from Mid February and Mid-March. So drop us a line then, at – with your numbers, request and preferred dates, and we will see what we can do!


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