What is this ?

Another dashed off post, and mini-quiz,  not an easy one, but something a few readers may find it intriguing… 


Question 1-  What is this? – above  (author/artist and the subject please) 

Question 2-  (tough)  This is by a genius, about a genius, but i am pretty certain I’ve spotted quite a big error.   Can you see it too?    It will take some serious squinting allied to some additional knowledge of the subject of this drawing.   

Answers as always via the comment bar.  Kudos rather than prizes for correct or interesting observations.  

We will be back next week with the second,  delayed, installment of the “Galleries” series.    Thank you for reading.   Arran.  

10 thoughts on “What is this ?

    1. It is a mind-map, “working-out” map of Ulysses, but not by Joyce. By another very famous writer. Plus I think that famous writer made quite a big error- although I totally appreciate i is hard to read the scrawled notes in this reproduction.

      More in a few days.
      Have to catch up with my Hugh Lane post /anser first, and will then return to this. Promise.
      In the meanwhile, any more insights from our other readers?


    1. Sorry Emmeline, and please don’t worry about your eyes! Not an eye problem, the text is A- Scrawled and unclear; and B- frustratingly small in this reproduction.

      It was however the best image I could find, and it’s such an interesting image I still thought is was worth sharing.

      Size of text asaide, I suspect one would have to recognise it to know the artist-author, although people have certainly guessed right or worked out right it represents Ulysses, and Bloom and Stephens respective routes.

      But who drew it?

      More soon. -Arran.


      1. this is a diagram by Nabokov who thought that readers of Ulysses should quit with all the pretentious classical referencing and draw a map…he seems to have written ‘prospect’ instead of ‘glasnevin’ cemetery…?


        1. Absolutely spot-on Sarah. Dead right and well done. I’m not completely sure Nabokov thought Joyce was being pretentious with his classical referencing. He (Nabokov ) never seemed shy of intellectual game-playing himself, in as much as I’m familiar.

          But sure who am I say? You never know…

          Mount Prospect is not a mistake as such since this is apparently, the other and even the “official” name for Glasnevin Cemetery, which I have to say, was news to me, I thought there was some difference or distinction, but looked it up.
          Anyway, you’re dead right about the author/artist of the drawing, which is the main thing.
          I’ve just posted a few other details and thoughts on an answer post. Nice to hear from you. Hope all’s well.


  1. Missed the enjoyable guessing game, Joyce and Ulysses was a given, but was it really a schematic by Nabokov? tell me more? would love to see the best reproduction, love all things Joycean.


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