The Dublin street-scape picture quiz… Can you name 5 from 5?

Please note, this Dublin picture quiz competition below ran May 2012 and is now long closed.  But for fun you might enjoy looking at and identifying the 5 locations or details pictured below, all in central Dublin.  For links to future articles on history, buildings and old maps;  for future picture quizzes;  and for news on Dublin Decoded history and architecture walks, join our free monthly newsletter.

Picture A… a nice easy one to start.  Where  (what street?)  is his nice romantic turret?

B-   What is the name of  and where is,  this lovely well known Dublin terrace?

Question C-  And this one?    (Bonus Tie Breaker:  which side? )

D-  On which street are these sporting monkeys?

Tie breakers 1- who sculpted them?  b- Which famous partnership designed the building?   and 3- who were the original owners of the building?

Finally,  E-  where in earth, is this?    (Photo credit and copyright: Con O’Donoghue)

(Photo credit and copyright: Con O’Donoghue)

Okay,  that’s it for the quiz.  Longer and tougher quizzes for 2013 and 2014 are in the archives.  One last reminder, if you’d like to see our tours visit Dublin Decoded, or if you’d like to receive the monthly newsletter, easy sign link is here.  

12 thoughts on “The Dublin street-scape picture quiz… Can you name 5 from 5?

  1. Hi Arran,
    Here are my guesses.
    A O’Connell St (above that once-famous, long-closed bar whose name I have forgotten), but suspect I am wrong on this one
    B Pembroke Road
    C Fitzwilliam Square North (I planted that tree)
    D Trinity College Dublin, Museum Building
    E St Mary’s Abbey, Mary St



  2. Hi Arran,
    Guesses below.
    A-Dame Street Turret
    B-Mount Street
    C-West Side of Merrion Sq.
    D-Trinity College – Monkeys
    E- St Mary’s Abbey

    Talk soon



  3. Hi Arran –

    I’m saying (nice snaps!)

    1 – No no no – Trinity Street and College Green. Get it right. Nobody who has regularly walked home past the central bank after sunrise could forget this dreary little beacon reminding them that they have miles yet to go.
    2 – Waterloo Road? The holly bush looks like Mark’s old house. Did a wee there once. Sorry Mark – one of your neighbours caught me. I was very rude.
    3 – Looks like the sort of thing Tig would plant alright – also that side of the square is less, you know…
    4 – Kildare Street Club. The Monkeys also wear jackets and ties for dinner. My studious avoidance of simultaneously owning a jacket and a tie forced certain people to settle for (in their view) less salubrious dining.
    5 – Strangely cryptic. St. Mary’s?


  4. Can I change my answer? The more I look at that Waterloo Road one, the more I think it’s Wellington Road. Can I also apologise to both Mark (I made it up – not funny, just hurtful. Sorry) and the Kildare Street Club, with reservations.


  5. It’s not the Water Road you use as a loo, or Wellington either. And you can’t just keep guessing!

    We will allow your apologies however, although naturally I shall be forwarding your recent admission to my local D4 residents association. And the guards of course.


  6. Okay my 5 oh so uneducated guesses are:
    1, looks like the corner of O’Connell St and Abbey St,
    2, might be Wilton Tce,
    3, could be Merrion Sq,
    4 those are on the left hand side of Kildare street, with TCD behind you just before the R Coleege of Physicians,
    5, St Mary’s abbey.


  7. hi arran – nice quiz.. spent a summer measuring Georgian street frontages so having a bash here..

    1. Pen corner corner – Trinity street with Dame Street
    2. Herbert Place
    3. Fitzwilliam Sq N
    4. Kildare Street – O’Shea Brothers, Deane and Woodward, KIldare Street Club
    5. St Mary’s Abbey


  8. Maeve Clamcy has made a comment. (writes Arran Henderson) Although it was a fair and excellent comment I, as the blog administrator, have
    edited it out here because it reveals information which might spoil the quiz for others wishing to participate.
    I am just making this post to thank Maeve for her fair and accurate observations on this page. Essentially Maeve spotted a flaw in
    my quiz design. But you are quite right. Thanks Maeve, I will try and be more vigilant in future!


  9. Brother, I cheated and read the other folks’ answers so feel as a late quizz taker that I have an unfair advantage. Notwithstanding (is that really one word) my credentials in this field – masters degree in Palladio, Pallandianism and 18th century Dublin architecture and a postgraduate diploma in architectural inventory recording of Dublin’s historic heart, without Lisa’s prompts I would not have got half the answers correct. Basically I concur with Lisa, although think she may have number 2 incorrect but cannot come up with a better suggestion myself.


  10. Delighted to welcome my sister to the blog ! In response Em, you and Lisa are two real experts to have visited so far. But I’m not saying anything more that will reveal the final answers, until next week, (just in case anyone else wants to have a go. ) That’s also a good point about the slight advantage for later visitors, in fact my blog & social media consultant Shirley Chance was saying something similar yesterday. It’s a potential problem if I want to do more of these little quiz items, Which I do… because I think we all find them diverting. But perhaps I’ve worked out the solution to that now, to employ the next time. Thanks for taking part, & for the feedback Em, give Maud a kiss from me.


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